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State Intellectual Property Office of China Releases Sabic Global Technologies and Saudi Arabian Oil's Patent Application for Integrated Hydrocracking Process for Producing Low-Carbon Olefins, Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Lubricant Base Oils from Crude Oil

Lidl recalls sliced beef jerky product in olive oil in Spain from manufacturer Friber due to listeria contamination

REPSOL COMERCIAL DE PRODUCTOS PETROLiFEROS, S.A. secures contract for Gas oils - Fuel supply: a) Azoleum A; b) pure biodiesel; c) Any mixture of diesel a with pure biodiesel; d) Calefaction Cueleum

Starbucks now offering a beverage combining arabica coffee and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil at its locations in Italy

Taiwan Patent Office Releases J Oil Mills's Patent Application for Garlic Oil, Garlic Flavor Imparting Agent for Food and Imparting Method of Garlic Flavor for Food

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