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Economist: Most multinational companies can live without Russian customers, but living without Russian raw materials is much harder; Russia and/or Ukraine produce breadth of raw materials, including oil, gas, wheat, barley, sunflower oil, neon, nickel

Rabobank estimates total cost of producing beer in US rose 15% over past year, largely on rising energy costs and packaging materials; with Russia and Ukraine making up 30% of global barley exports, disruption could hit small breweries particularly hard

Maltese government expected to subsidize the global rise in prices of wheat, barley and other grains; wheat prices up nearly 30% since Russia's invasion of Ukraine and are up 60% since January

Russia government to temporarily ban grain and sugar exports due to international sanctions and to protect the domestic market; grain ban applies to wheat, meslin, rye, barley and corn

Rabobank: War and sanctions likely to have shocking impact on global grain and oilseed sectors, as wheat prices could double, vegetable oil markets could rise 20%, corn/barley could increase 30% in 2022 and into mid-2023 before some rebalancing occurs

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