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Chinese government grants approval for the production of the country’s inaugural gene-edited wheat variety, a significant step towards the commercialization of genetically modified food crops

Kraig Biocraft Labs expands into Cambodia to diversify, support rapid growth of recombinant spider silk production; potential production locations identified in Cambodia due to proximity to existing Vietnamese operations and business-friendly environment

Commentary: Mexico's restrictions on genetically engineered corn offer expanded market opportunities for 'premium' non-GE corn, despite US claims that these policies harm trade; report estimates US$40B non-GMO market in US

Regeneron Pharma Applies for Patent on Non-Human Animals Expressing Ph-Sensitive Immunoglobulin Sequences

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories concludes spring production trials of BAM-1 recombinant spider silk hybrids, announces parental strains are ready for rapid production expansion; CEO returns to US to enact next stages of spider silk production expansion plan

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