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Heinz plastic ketchup bottle inventor--a consultant at Penn State--has done a 360-degree career turnabout by waging war on forever chemicals, plastic waste by working with potato starch to create next-gen packaging made with biodegradable materials

Penn State Extension offers guide and resources to tackle invasive spotted lanternfly, which feeds on a wide range of crops and plants, including hardwood trees

Penn State University announces intention to award PepsiCo with a new 10-year pouring rights contract that would designate PepsiCo as the supplier of beverages on all campuses of Penn State

Penn State study demonstrates a torrefaction process to make paper bags stronger, especially when they get wet; the bags can be used multiple times and then broken down chemically by an alkaline treatment to be used as a source for biofuel production

Researchers led by Pennsylvania State University develop water treatment method that can capture valuable chemicals from agricultural waste streams; one such compound, p-coumaric acid, can be used in pharmaceutical manufacturing

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