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Dalian Polytechnic University researchers develop simple, eco-friendly method to produce cellulose-based catalyst for organic wastewater treatment; silver nanoparticle/pulp catalyst hydrogenates 4-nitrophenol, is low-cost, 'highly effective,' stable

Malaysian scientists develop antibacterial, electrospun wound dressing made with honey-based nanoparticles; dressing is low cost to produce, biocompatible, can meet increasing demand for 'combination dressings' which ensure optimal functionality: study

University of Guadalajara researchers use rPET to synthesize new, 'mechanically improved' electrospun polyvinylpyrrolidone composite nanofibers via glycolysis with styrene crosslinking agent; fibers could be used in filtration, cement, medical materials

Scientists produce cellulose nanofibrils from sugarcane bagasse, an abundant agro-industrial residue in Vietnam; low-energy TEMPO-mediated oxidation produces more nanofibrillated cellulose than traditional mechanical method of stone grinding: study

Brazilian researchers develop enzymatic cocktail for nanocellulose production; cocktail contains thermostable bacterial endoglucanase, results in 16.2% nanocellulose yield, 61% cellulose conversion, higher glucose release from eucalyptus pulp at 60°C

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