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Review finds circular economy requires optimal packaging design and new, efficient recycling techniques; packaging should be simplified for easier degradation, sorting, combined with multi-phase compatibilizers, green catalysts, or low-energy pyrolysis

Aramco and Linde Engineering enter agreement to jointly develop new ammonia cracking technology; partnership will leverage new ammonia cracking catalyst developed by Aramco and KAUST

US DOE researchers enhance recyclability of waste plastic; process uses catalysts to fully recycle HDPE, potentially convert it to biodegradable material with the same mechanical, thermal properties of the starting single-use plastic

Indian Institute of Petroleum researchers use solid base catalyst for selective PS pyrolysis depolymerization; KFe/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst suppresses secondary products, can be used for multiple cycles, shows 83.2% styrene selectivity, 83% liquid yield

Samsung Electronics introduces 'easily regenerable' air filter which lasts up to 20 years; compact ceramic catalyst filter technology captures volatile organic chemicals, particulate matter, lasts 40 times longer than conventional HEPA filters

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