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Scientists design intelligent fire suit to reduce firefighters' rate of injury, mortality; suit is made of flame-retardant Janus graphene/PBO woven fabric, converts mechanical pressure into electricity, uses flexible sensors to monitor movement, breathing

Commentary: Automation could have positive impacts on economic growth, but workers may not reap rewards, research finds; developing nations may face decision between increased productivity and social unrest if they choose to automate away jobs with robots

Scientists develop hybrid air filtration material made from activated carbon fiber cloth, electrospun nanofibers; hybrids show 'good' adsorption capacity for benzene, with filtration efficiency increasing with amount of nanofibers: Tsinghua University

Scientists recycle plastic waste into superhydrophobic textiles using low-cost, dip-coating method; process dissolves PS, adds silicon dioxide nanospheres, then immerses cotton textile into mixture producing a functional material for oil, water separation

University researchers extract gold from e-waste using low-cost graphene sheets; 1 gram of graphene extracts nearly 2 grams of gold from solution, which can be 'extremely profitable' since gold's price is US$70.00/gram, and graphene only costs $0.10/gram

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