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Phthalates show causal link to increased growth of uterine fibroids, according to Northwestern Medicine research; up to 80% of women may develop a fibroid tumor in their lifetime, 25% of them becoming symptomatic

Commentary: Northwestern University researchers' discovery at breaking down PFAS into benign parts won't immediately fix world's PFAS problems; findings haven't been proven on industrial scale, but could help with cleanup, inspire other similar inventions

Northwestern University announces development of process able to disassemble two major classes of PFAS compounds; process enables destruction of PFAS without need for high temperatures used in other methods

University of California and Northwestern University researchers identify method to destroy PFAS or 'forever chemicals' using lye, commonly used in soap, and an organic solvent; method leaves behind fluoride ions that are easy to remove

Toyota Research Institute partners with Northwestern University to develop new AI-driven method to discover, design, develop materials to reduce carbon emissions; first application is to find new catalysts to improve fuel cell vehicle efficiency

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