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Scientists develop recyclable, polylactic acid nonwoven membrane for separating oil, water; membrane is made by coating cellulose nanospheres with polydopamine, and 98% separation efficiency is maintained even after 100 repeated uses: study

UK's National Composites Centre, B&M Longworth, Cygnet Texkimp develop low-cost process to reclaim, recycle carbon fibers from hydrogen pressure tanks used for cars, aircraft; carbon fiber demand to grow five-fold from 2025-2030, exceeding global capacity

Boeing and Cannon Ergos, an Italian composites company, begin trialing recycled carbon fibers for making aircraft cabin interior sidewall panels; Cannon Ergos can process recycled carbon fiber whether mixed with resins or integrated in thermoplastics

Washington State University researchers develop process to repurpose PP fibers from used face masks for strengthening concrete; cement mixture shows 47% greater strength, and repurposed fibers offer low-cost option compared to common cement microfibers

University of Tokyo researchers develop fast, selective membrane for desalinating sea water; membrane comprises fluorine nanorings, and offers low-cost, low-energy method to purify salt water compared to energy-intensive reverse osmosis, thermal methods

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