The Industry Intelligence team appreciates the trust you have in our market intelligence service. To show our appreciation, we have implemented a program that will reward you for your confidence in our company and your willingness to refer us to those you know.

Refer your business colleagues, vendors, suppliers and other industry connections to Industry Intelligence and if your referral becomes our client, you’ll be rewarded a 10% commission. Your referral will receive a 10% discount on their contract, too.

As always, thank you for choosing Industry Intelligence as your market intelligence partner and for telling your associates about our service.

How the Referral Program Works


Complete the Referral Program Form below. All fields are required.


We’ll contact your referral and tell them about our services.


When the transaction is complete, we’ll contact you to send you your 10% reward.

Referral Program Form

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“Industry Intelligence content is at a consistently high level, helping our employees to make better informed decisions.”

— Heath Frye, Marketing Manager, Glatfelter

“The beauty is that Industry Intelligence has all sorts of information in one place and a breadth of information such as forestry, timber issues, energy, pulp and paper, construction—Industry Intelligence has incredibly relevant information for us.“

— Isabelle Des Chênes, Vice President of Market Relations and International Trade, FPAC

“We can’t find anything as comprehensive as what we get through Industry Intelligence.”

— Dr. Patrick McCarthy, Director of CPBIS

Helpful Information

New referrals only
The referred purchaser cannot already be an Industry Intelligence user.

Getting your reward
The referral must lead to a one-year paid contract for our services.

Reward percentage
The referrer will receive a 10% commission on the total value of the initial one-year paid contract between Industry Intelligence and the referral.

Reward timeline
The referrer will receive the reward within 30 days after final signature of the contract and receipt of payment has cleared.

Terms and Conditions
The referrer will need to review and agree to the Terms and Conditions of our Industry Intelligence referral program.