Case Studies

Companies and organizations similar to yours have grown using market intelligence from Industry Intelligence.

Glatfelter Case StudySee how other respected companies, academic institutions and associations in your industry have used Industry Intelligence market intelligence services to compete, make informed business decisions and succeed.

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Referral Program

Spread the word about Industry Intelligence services and earn 10% when your referral becomes our client.

Referral ProgramRefer your business colleagues, vendors, suppliers and other industry connections to Industry Intelligence and if your referral becomes our client, you’ll be rewarded a 10% commission. Your referral will receive a 10% discount on their contract, too.

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Add value to your association membership, or to your university’s students and faculty with i2partnership.

Industry Intelligence, Inc. created i2partnership to help associations and universities add value to their membership, students and faculty through our market intelligence. We help enhance the value you provide to your current stakeholders.

i2partnership is a barter program that provides relevant market intelligence in exchange for opportunities to inform your stakeholders about our services.

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Connecting Dots—CEO Blog

Rami Ghandour shares his quest to create a multi-billion dollar market intelligence business.

Rami GhandourAs CEO of Industry Intelligence Inc., Rami Ghandour has spent years looking at business information from different angles and understands that turning pieces of information into actionable intelligence often requires simply shifting your perspective. “Connecting Dots” is Rami’s personal blog to share his philosophies and insights on what it takes to maximize the return on business information.

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Industry leaders share their expertise in webinar presentations that provide the opportunity to interact with the presenter.

i2live is the events unit of Industry Intelligence, Inc. that brings together business leaders to address issues that cut across industries and market sectors. Through online webinars, i2live helps business people make sense of industry trends and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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The Reel Time Report

The Reel Time ReportThe Reel Time Report is a 12-page, monthly analytical report that provides the best available independent analysis of publication-grade paper markets, i.e. newsprint, value-added groundwood grades and coated grades.

Behind The Reel Time Report is Verle Sutton, a 25-year veteran of the paper industry. Verle's strong analytical ability and paper industry experience give The Reel Time Report an inside perspective on the issues that shape paper markets worldwide.

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