We support knowledge users at every level

Industry Intelligence offers a suite of market intelligence services to support knowledge users at every level and in every department within an organization. Our services help you and coworkers across your company work smarter and more efficiently.

Industry Intelligence understands that people’s information needs differ from worker to worker and department to department. Everyone needs information, but not everyone uses it the same way. Industry Intelligence can customize how each department and employee within a company receives the market intelligence and information management necessary to maximize information sharing and productivity.

Your company by functional area

Executives, Senior Management and Information Professionals

Industry Intelligence helps solve challenges often faced by executives and senior management, such as:

  • Getting a big-picture view
  • Finding growth opportunities
  • Identifying industry warning signs and opportunities
  • Knowing competitor activities
  • Gathering decision-making intelligence
  • Aligning and communicating

For executives, senior management and information professionals, recommended Industry Intelligence services include our most powerful and comprehensive coverage, which provides a 360° view of the markets with real-time industry news, market drivers and benchmarking capabilities.

Industry Intelligence i2dashboard service connects the dots between market drivers that impact companies and industries providing a big-picture view, including upstream and downstream components.

The online data Dashboard facilitates quick identification of market trends that reveal business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Combining external and internal intelligence into a single view, i2dashboard helps executives use intelligence as a strategic competitive advantage and make decisions more effectively.

Managers and Decision-makers

Daily market intelligence reports provide a pulse of the industry for managers and other decision-makers. At this level are various departments that face unique market intelligence and information management challenges.

  • Getting a relevant market picture and maintaining a real-time pulse on customers and competitors
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Minimizing time spent gathering marketing intelligence
  • Communicating internally and externally

While some managers and decision-makers require the comprehensiveness of an i2dashboard for getting their daily industry pulse and having intelligence at hand to generate reports and research market drivers. These services filter information for relevance and interconnect news, data, analysis and opinion to provide a complete industry view. The interconnectivity of pertinent information minimizes hunting and gathering time and provides a market view facilitating rapid SWOT analysis.

Other managers and decision-makers may desire the i2daily for a quick look at industry news to keep them up-to-date. The i2daily is a top-line-only time saver for managers and decision-makers to get a quick read on their industry for informed decision-making.

Industry Intelligence offers a variety of market intelligence services to fit the way you do your job.

Support Staff and Ad-hoc Information Users

Companies may find that there are many workers who require information on an as-needed basis. Industry Intelligence provides services that disseminate actionable news bits to support staff and ad-hoc information users at the frequency determined by senior management.

The benefit of these services is that they are low cost, controlled by management and keep companies copyright compliant. A shared user license ensures intelligence is sent to everyone at every level of a company.

Sales & Marketing

Whether working at a desk, traveling to meetings or constantly on the road, sales and marketing professionals benefit from the Industry Intelligence suite of services to assist with understanding their clients and creating brand and company awareness. Specific advantages of Industry Intelligence services for sales and marketing professionals:

  • Sales Associates can focus exclusively on client information, no extra “noise” so they can maximize their time selling and still have necessary information
  • Sales Managers can see their market from every angle to understand client behaviors and trends as well as educate their sales force
  • Market Analysts can recognize trends, gather consumer and product preferences, research profitability of competitor efforts
  • Marketing and Communications can align internal and external audiences, understand the competitive landscape, spot trends and evaluate successful campaigns

Industry Intelligence puts actionable intelligence at the fingertips of sales and marketing.


Industry Intelligence's services help solve challenges often faced by finance teams, which include:

  • Seeing data in context
  • Providing the meaning behind the numbers
  • Accessing transcripts of competitors, suppliers and customers
  • Identifying market trends
  • Getting company stock market reports to create a comparative view

Industry Intelligence’s services provide context between market drivers that financially impact your company and industry. The Dashboard format presents interconnected news, data and analysis in an uncluttered, single view. And Finance teams are able to get industry-specific stock market reports on demand using their Dashboard.


Industry Intelligence's services help procurement professionals find value and get the best deals by helping them:

  • Develop a procurement strategy
  • Understand suppliers
  • View the competitive landscape
  • Access various economic indicators
  • Retrieve information to assist in negotiations

Industry Intelligence helps Procurement save time by providing all the information necessary to make value decisions.

Manufacturing & Production

Market intelligence from Industry Intelligence helps manufacturing and production professionals to:

  • Track input costs
  • Understand best practices
  • Benchmark against their industry and competitors

Keeping the manufacturing and production departments informed about their industry helps them develop better products, creates more efficient production processes, eliminates waste and reduces costs.

Human Resources

Human Resource professionals must be knowledgeable about multiple areas. Market intelligence for those in this area can help them with tasks such as:

  • Onboarding new hires with industry and company information
  • Enhancing learning speed with access to intelligence on important topics
  • Understanding clients and competitors
  • Appraising the hiring environment

The intelligence gathered using Industry Intelligence’s information services provides Human Resources with the vast array of information required to do a job demanding diverse skills and knowledge.

Strategy & Business Development

Change is fast and constant in today’s business environment. Companies turn to their Strategy and Business Development department to determine short-term action and long-term development. Industry Intelligence provides the market intelligence for these leaders to get a complete view of their industry so they can:

  • Create long-term strategy
  • React to market shifts
  • See market trends
  • View how outside variables affect the industry
  • Analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Industry Intelligence helps these forward-thinkers create actionable business strategies with our news, data, analysis, market indicators, trends, benchmarking and other intelligence tools.

Corporate Librarian

Intelligence workers appreciate that Industry Intelligence market intelligence and information management services contain the relevant information for all knowledge workers in one tool.

  • Central point of reference and common repository
  • Standardization
  • Single, shared platform that employees can access
  • Efficiency in information sharing
  • Alignment of functional units

Experts in managing and maintaining proprietary resources benefit from having a single service that the entire company can access and easily find the desired information.


When it comes to designing, operating and maintaining technology products, IT professionals work with teams across an entire company. Market intelligence and information management challenges for IT include:

  • Standardization
  • Centralization with a common repository
  • Efficiency in sharing information
  • Aligning different functional units
  • Creating a common platform

Industry Intelligence ensures IT professionals have what they need to get the job done.

Corporate Communication

Managing the messages sent out by a company requires a corporate communication department that is able to monitor what is happening inside and outside of their organization and industry. Industry Intelligence’s services provide a well-rounded view for professionals to find:

  • Public policy
  • Best practices
  • What other companies are doing

Industry Intelligence helps corporate communication professionals provide accurate and appropriate messaging for both their internal and external audiences.

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