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Industry Intelligence

Industry Intelligence MS Teams Bot

  • Query trending topics, sectors and companies
  • See the latest news along with related information about your industry
  • Get a snapshot of the information available on our market intelligence service

Tabs view

Get a glimpse of the information that is available to our clients on our market intelligence services. Visit your personalized tab and click on a headline, trending sector or trending company.

View the latest news and related information on high-level topics such as consumer behavior, market trends, economy and transportation as well as more targeted sectors including food and beverage, paper packaging, agricultural products and homebuilding.

Who needs MS Teams?

Our bot service was created to provide a snapshot of the market intelligence that Industry Intelligence has available. For those who are not yet Industry Intelligence clients with access to our full service, Our bot provides a well-rounded view of trending topics, sectors or companies in an instant.


Check out MS Teams Bot today

  • Get a market intelligence snapshot on a company, topic or sector
  • Market intelligence is only a search away
  • Access news, data and financial information on public companies
  • Have full access to news and related information on trending topics, companies and sectors
Teams Bot View —Search headline news, data and other market intelligence on sectors or companies.