i2solution suite

i2solution suite quick view

  • Configure your market intelligence solution with any of the services in our suite
  • Optimize your information supply chain so that everyone in your company has the market intelligence to meet their particular needs
  • Personalized and integrated enterprise market intelligence and information management solutions

i2solution suite includes: i2dashboard, i2feed, i2license, i2report

i2solution suite of market intelligence and information management services lets you customize how information is delivered to everyone on your team. A complete enterprise-level service, i2solution suite gives you the flexibility to meet the different needs of all the knowledge workers in your company.

The most powerful aspect of i2solution suite is how this elite service securely blends your proprietary documents and data with our real-time market intelligence: news, data, analysis, transcripts, trends and opinions. You have all the information you need on a topic in one view through your i2dashboard service and are able to disseminate information to others on your license.

In addition to having the most comprehensive market intelligence and information management service, you’ll appreciate the tremendous time savings having it all at your fingertips. Our patented binding system automatically tags your documents creating a single, easy-to-use resource for all your information needs. Your documents are stored in an encrypted format on our servers so that only the team members on your account can access your proprietary information. You can push information to teams through the i2feed and i2report plus add users through an i2license to share information in an efficient, cost-effective and copyright compliant way.

Who needs the i2solution suite?

Large companies that have many decision-makers—managers, directors, senior management and C-level executives—throughout several departments—sales, marketing and finance—and in many locations benefit most from i2solution suite. All team members on the Industry Intelligence license have access to a steady stream of market intelligence to help them make informed business decisions. i2solution suite ensures members of your team have the information you want them to have at the same time. i2solution suite assists in internal communication and expedites information gathering.

i2solution suite provides communication capabilities so that teams in different offices and across departments can receive the same information and work together seamlessly.

i2solution Suite Benefits


Your i2solution suite is configured to meet your company’s specific needs. Having a fully customized market intelligence and information management solution means that all of your team members with an Industry Intelligence license have access to information. Your proprietary documents along with Industry Intelligence market intelligence can be distributed through your i2solution. The i2solution suite lets you control the information flow based on individual user needs.


Having a wealth of internal and external intelligence at your fingertips means you don’t have to spend time searching for information. The i2solution suite frees up you and your colleagues to accomplish more because less time is spent looking for information. Our comprehensive coverage of industry drivers includes upstream and downstream sectors to give a full view of your industry. When you are able to help colleagues keep up with what’s happening in your industry on a regular basis, they can spot trends and make informed decisions. Having the flexibility to distribute information differently to each stakeholder ensures time is spent being productive. For example, our i2report service is highly focused on clients, competitors, companies and topics that are completely customized for your company’s sales team. i2report is delivered in a PDA-friendly format so information is always available and always relevant.


i2solution suite supports team alignment with functionality that allows you to share information with other licensees within your organization. Send articles through your i2dashboard newsletter capabilities. Provide news feed on your internal platforms with your i2feed service. Your i2dashboard allows you to combine your proprietary information with our market intelligence to keep your employees informed. Many companies admit to having an internal communication problem, i2solution suite is designed to help alleviate this issue by keeping teams informed on all their industry news.


This custom solution is individually priced. Please contact our corporate services team at +1-310-553-0008.