i2report service

i2report quick view

  • Get a pulse on the companies and topics that matter the most to you in a fully customized email
  • PDA-friendly format makes it perfect for reading on a Blackberry, iPhone, tablets or other mobile devices
  • Focuses only on companies and topics you deal with every day—clean and uncluttered
  • Sent each business day and only when there is relevant news and data

Fully Customizable Emails

Your i2report is fully customized to bring you news, market drivers—even data—on the companies and topics you want to know about. This “less is more approach“ streamlines the market intelligence delivered to you. Receive email reports that contain only the topics that are relevant to you, wherever you happen to be. The on-the-go customized i2report arrives only if there is new intelligence on your topics. You can choose to receive an i2report once each business day or more frequently as additional intelligence becomes available.

Whether on your smart phone, tablet or computer, you’ll see comprehensive headlines written by our industry experts featuring valuable details that provide the full story. Click on a headline and the full article seamlessly appears for you to read.

Who needs the i2report service?

The i2report was inspired by how sales professionals need to work. You want to spend as little time as possible searching for and clicking on information, but need a constant pulse on the customers you talk to every day. Designed to support the way you work, the i2report provides exactly what you need, when and how you need it. i2report shows only what matters to you and nothing else. It saves you time and makes you more efficient.

In delivering only relevant information that is of utmost importance to you, the i2report allows your sales team to spend less time searching and more time selling, while your sales managers spend less time clicking and more time managing.

Busy professionals outside of sales who don’t have a lot of time but need to keep up with specific companies and topics will know what’s happening using i2report. Quickly identify where you have opportunities and where there may be risks. Keep an eye on all of your clients using the Industry Intelligence i2report.

i2report Benefits

Customized = Relevance

The targeted i2report delivers only the intelligence that is relevant to you. We customize your i2report with the companies and topics you request, providing a tailor-made market intelligence service. See what’s happening with your clients anytime, anywhere.

Anytime Access = More Selling

The PDA-friendly format lets you see information about your clients wherever you are. No need to be stuck behind a desk to get information on your clients, i2report tells you only what you want to know right to your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Preparation = Engagement

Be fully prepared when engaging with your clients. The i2report delivers the intelligence you need to help you prepare for meetings with clients. In addition, you’ll see trigger points that can lead to engagement with particular clients. Spend a fraction of the time preparing for client meeting because all the information you need is at your fingertips.


This custom solution is individually priced. Please contact our corporate services team at +1-310-553-0008.