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  • Search using your mobile device
  • Text or email for real-time news
  • Get an instant market intelligence report on a company or topic
  • Free to use

Text or Email

i2now is a search tool used on a mobile device to deliver real-time news on a company or topic right to your cell phone. Simply text or email a topic using our i2now service and receive a market intelligence snapshot delivered to your cell phone. Wherever you are, you'll instantly receive a report via text or email.

i2now Text

Text a company name or industry topic to (775) 237-4701.

i2now Email

Email i2now@industryintel.com with a company name or industry topic in the subject line.

Your text or email will quickly return news, data and other business market information. i2now is your easy-to-use, on-the-go information tool.

Who needs i2now?

i2now is the brainchild of the self-admitted geeks in our office—our IT team. A lively debate about Star Wars was the inspiration for having an easy look-up immediately available on the cell phone. Always thinking about our clients, i2now was designed to provide market intelligence on the fly for information on the industries we cover—forest product, packaging and food and beverage.

Our CEO is i2now’s biggest fan. While at the airport one day, he saw a client and immediately typed in the client’s company to see the latest news. He approached our client and had instant talking points. Since that day he uses i2now regularly.

Our sales team also uses i2now before walking into meetings. Knowing the latest news about a potential client and their industry helps our sales team navigate meetings. Walking into a meeting with breaking news is a great way to impress clients.

Any decision-maker who needs instant information appreciates the capabilities of i2now. It’s easy to use and you get a response instantly. i2now is an on-the-go intelligence tool that gets you the information you need, when and where you need it—now! Plus, i2now is free to use.

i2now Benefits

Try i2now today. Type a topic or company in the subject line of an email, or text with your cell phone. Let Industry Intelligence technology give you the market intelligence you’re looking for in an instant.

  • Get market intelligence on a company or topic
  • Free news reports are pushed to your cell phone or email
  • Send a text or email to get an instant response
  • Access news, data and other business market information on public companies
  • i2now is driven by human-powered search technology
  • i2now is free



i2now Text View — Receive a text with a link on your smart phone. Click on the link to see headline news about a company or topic and click on a headline to read the full article online.
i2now Email View — Email i2now@industryintel.com with the topic or company you want information on in the subject line. Receive an email with headline news and click on a headline to read the full article online.