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  • Attend free webinar presentations with industry experts
  • Listen to business experts address issues that cut across industries and market sectors
  • Make sense of industry trends and capitalize on emerging opportunities
  • Ask expert presenters your questions
  • Request special reports and webinar transcripts


i2live interactive conference programs engage business leaders in a real-time conversation. The webinar and conference unit of Industry Intelligence brings industry experts and business decision makers together in an online forum. Webinars presented by i2live focus on a variety of topics in the forest products, packaging and food and beverage industries.

Upcoming i2live webinars

Who needs i2live?

i2live attendees include business people with titles such as: c-suite executive, vice president, director, manager, analyst and consultant. Industry Intelligence always seeks out presenters for i2live webinars who are widely recognized experts in the industries covered by Industry Intelligence's market intelligence. Decision makers in the forest products, packaging and food and beverage industries will find i2live content-driven presentations enlightening and relevant.

i2live benefits

Register for an i2live webinar event:

  • Listen to business leaders, industry experts, consultants and academics share their latest findings on a variety of topics
  • Ask your questions before and during the webinars for a thorough understanding of the information being presented
  • Learn about the newest trends emerging in your industry and
  • Visit i2live to request special reports, transcripts, slides and recording on past presentations
  • Get free access to relevant, high-quality content provided by industry experts



i2live website—Visit i2live to view upcoming events and register to attend.
i2live Special Reports and Transcripts—Visit i2live to request information on topics of interest from past i2live events.