i2license service

i2license quick view

  • Save time and distribute information easy through your Industry Intelligence i2dashboard or i2daily without cutting and pasting and other labor intensive activities
  • Stay copyright compliant when sharing news and other information
  • Share information from your i2dashboard and i2daily with occasional and ad hoc users in the most cost effective way

What is an i2license?

i2license is an add-on feature to an i2dashboard or i2daily service that allows your company to share information from your Industry Intelligence service with team member, clients and others who don’t have access. Instead of putting users who don’t need regular access on a full-service product, an i2license lets you distribute news, data, analyses, graphs and other intelligence when needed. i2license provides an affordable way to supply your team, clients, vendors and other targets with the information you want them to see. In addition, the i2license offers the ability to legally share information.

Who needs an i2license?

Companies that have employees, clients and vendors that they need to communicate with would benefit from adding an i2license to their i2dashboard or i2daily service. All employees may not need access to market intelligence on a regular basis, i2license makes it affordable and legal to push articles of interest. With i2license you can distribute any news, data, analyses, graphs and other intelligence you have access to from your Industry Intelligence service.

i2license Benefits

Time savings

With i2license, there’s no need to copy and paste information for your desired audience. Send articles, graphs, data, analyses and more from your i2dashboard and i2daily service. i2license service makes sharing information more efficient.

Financial savings

Instead of purchasing an entire i2daily or i2dashboard service for everyone in your company; you can determine who has a regular need for information and who would be better served receiving information as needed. An i2license is an affordable solution to ensure your team stays informed without investing in a full service for each person.

Legal compliance

Redistributing copyrighted information without a license or proper permission violates U.S. copyright law and each offense is legally punishable. To avoid large fines and legal hassles, the i2license provides the ability for you to share information easily and compliantly.


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