i2feed service

i2feed quick view

  • Give your internal teams valuable market intelligence about your clients, competitors, commodities and data that matter most to your business
  • Create an attractive, information rich magnet that draws colleagues to your intranet
  • Integrate i2feed with any password-protected system—intranet, extranet, even CRM
  • Minimal IT set-up required

News Feed

The i2feed works seamlessly with your own internal platforms after we perform a quick set up with your IT team. The relevant and valuable news and data delivered through your i2feed works to bring eyes to your intranet, extranet, CRM or any password-protected internal system, and to convey the information you want colleagues to know.

You can have multiple feeds within your i2feed service. Our proprietary binding technology can slice and dice information in ways that make it extremely focused across all of your teams based on variables you identify such as function, focus, geography, volume and information. For example, different departments such as Marketing and Communication, Sales or Procurement can each have a targeted i2feed tailored to individual department needs. We’ll help you determine the feed configuration that will meet your company’s needs and then work with your IT team to fully and seamlessly integrate our i2feed service to your internal site.

Your customized live-updating news feed features reliably comprehensive headlines by the Industry Intelligence editorial team of industry experts. Our headlines summarize each article in a few detail-packed sentences for a quick read and thorough understanding. Adoption of our i2feed is automatic, as it appears on a platform your team already uses.

Who needs the i2feed service?

Alignment is one of the biggest challenges facing most companies today. Keeping everyone on the same page pays measurable dividends. The Industry Intelligence i2feed service helps you achieve alignment with your entire company by sharing news integrated on your internal system.

Within a company, departments can decide independently to have an i2feed that pertains specifically to the needs of their team. Generally, teams will have sections within internal sites that would be of greater value with market intelligence.

Companies invest heavily in internal systems and aligning their teams with information. An i2feed adds more usefulness to a company’s internal site—it gives colleagues an accessible destination and the benefits of targeted and relevant market intelligence.

i2feed Benefits

There are two distinctive benefits of having an i2feed; first, it adds high-value content to your site to attract an audience, and two, your internal site visitors receive important market intelligence on companies and topics the company wants employees to know.

Integration = Alignment

Full integration of the i2feed with your internal platform gives your entire team access to the same intelligence—a powerful tool for creating total alignment.

Ease = Adoption

Industry Intelligence integrates our comprehensive headlines and news coverage with the internal system your company relies on. Because an i2feed is incorporated to your company’s current internal site that colleagues already go to, it is easily adapted into daily workflow.

Enlightened Teams = Efficiency

A more informed, more aligned team is a more efficient team. With the i2feed, enlightenment comes with little to no commitment from your own IT team—Industry Intelligence takes care of the integration and maintenance for you.


This custom solution is individually priced. Please contact our corporate services team at +1-310-553-0008.