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  • See your industry at a glance, categorized by sector in a customizable Enhanced Daily Report and Dashboard
  • Follow trending topics and see all market drivers—industry, business, consumer, financial and economic
  • News, data, analysis, trends and opinions pushed to you every business day
  • Market intelligence available in real-time online

Enhanced Daily Report and Weekly Review Emails + Dashboard Feature

This is a complete, real-time, interactive market intelligence solution serving up relevant industry news, data, analysis, transcripts and opinion. Your Enhanced Daily Report is pushed to you every business day by email. Comprehensive headlines summarize each story in a few detail-packed sentences to keep you up-to-date and save you time. Each day different economic and market indicators are featured along the right side of your Enhanced Daily Report for more robust industry information at a glance.

Your secure, web-based Dashboard features a 360° view of market drivers—industry, business, consumer, financial and economic—that impact your company and industry. Comprehensive coverage of industry drivers including upstream and downstream sectors provide an all-inclusive view of your industry. Customize your i2dashboard service to bring the information you’re most interested in to the forefront of your Enhanced Daily Report and Dashboard.

Your Weekly Review email provides a summary of the week and a chance to catch up on what your may have missed or follow up on topics of interest. Our clients find that last week’s emerging issues become next week’s trends.

i2dashboard allows you to create professional newsletters using Industry Intelligence market intelligence along with your internal news articles, reports, analyses and marketing messages. Distribute your newsletter to employees, clients, vendors, investors and any other audience that you want to receive your information.

The i2dashboard service gives you a strategic competitive advantage by providing a wealth of market intelligence in a single solution. Compete, make informed decisions and succeed using our i2dashboard service.

Who needs the i2dashboard service?

Senior management, c-level executives, sales managers and directors, marketing managers, finance managers as well as your research team appreciate the breadth of intelligence and extensive capabilities of the i2dashboard service. To have such a comprehensive market intelligence tool available 24/7 ensures you’ll always have access to all of the information you need.

Sales can prepare for meetings by getting a picture of their financial health, recent spending, merger and acquisition activity and other information for an inside track.

Marketing can perform competitive analysis, spot trends and get creative inspiration by following industry leaders.

Finance will have instant access to the financial and economic data, benchmarking tools and other market drivers they need to manage projects and complete reports.

All senior management users can rely on their i2dashboard service to help them identify and follow market and industry trends, track warning signs and discover new growth opportunities as they relate to their company.

Companies that want to stay in regular contact with employees, clients, vendors, investors and other upstream and downstream audiences use i2dashboard to create regularly scheduled newsletters using little effort.

i2dashboard Benefits


Industry Intelligence lets you personalize your i2dashboard service with the information that means the most to you. Customize your Enhanced Daily Report and Dashboard to highlight the companies and topics you most want to follow. As projects are completed and new needs arise, you can change your settings and customize to your current needs. You have the freedom to make your i2dashboard service the most effective tool for you.


Industry Intelligence i2dashboard service supports team alignment with functionality that allows you to include your personal thoughts and comments on reports you generate and share with other i2dashboard licensees within your organization.

Private Document Tagging

Added value includes functionality that auto-binds private repository information to real-time market intelligence. No need to search your desktop for related information to generate reports; you can save your internal documents on our secure service. Your documents will be automatically tagged to appear with related news or find them instantly using our search tool.

Instant Intelligence

Industry Intelligence i2dashboard service features components that fit into your work schedule. You may read your Enhanced Daily Report each day and use your Dashboard when you need to prepare for meetings, generate reports, research competition, suppliers or others. Others may use their Dashboard for their everyday responsibilities. The payoff is that when you need market intelligence, your i2dashboard service delivers instantly.


This custom solution is individually priced. Please contact our corporate services team at +1-310-553-0008.

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i2dashboard Enhanced Daily Report View—Customize your personal Alerts to receive topics you want to follow. Read comprehensive headlines and click to read complete article online. Each day features different economic indicators along the right side.
i2dashboard Dashboard View—Top Navigation: View your Dashboard, Customize your Enhanced Daily Report and Dashboard, Get Help and our Contact information. Sector Monitor: Click on any sector for most recent news, analyst research, transcript, insights, company profiles, trending topics, data, monitors and events on that sector. On the left: Follow Topics and Companies, create Benchmarks and view Monitors for more in-depth information. Center: Click a headline to read the complete article. On the right: Easily access your Alerts and Benchmarks.