Bosco Syrup now available in sea salt caramel and fudge brownie flavors, will be distributed across US in Walmart stores

TOWACO, New Jersey , June 13, 2014 (press release) – New flavors supported by national distribution in Walmart and updated packaging

With “starring” roles in Seinfeld, Shrek, and Laverne & Shirley, Bosco® Syrup is no stranger to the big screen. After 35 years as a regional brand, this year The Good Stuff is going even bigger with national distribution in Walmart that will debut two new flavors: Sea Salt Caramel Syrup and Fudge Brownie Syrup.

Seinfeld’s George Costanza loved Bosco enough to make it his ATM code and even the cantankerous Shrek boastfully declared his love for the iconic, original milk enhancer. While Bosco will forever bring to mind these beloved pop culture references, it is the hearts and taste buds of the long-time passionate fans that extend the brand footprint nationally.

“We’re tremendously excited to reintroduce Bosco to the national stage with two new flavors that we know our consumers will go crazy about,” explained Scott Sanders, Co-Owner of Bosco. “The launch of these flavors, coupled with coast-to-coast supply in Walmart and updated graphics, will help Bosco recapture its place as an iconic American favorite.”

With natural cocoa, vitamin B, and the thickest and richest syrup around, Bosco is a simple way to enjoy the delicious goodness of Chocolate. The new varieties will come in a 15-ounce squeeze bottle with an SRP of $1.99-$2.49, and the flavors are sure to enhance any ice cream sundae or glass of milk.

“We know Moms want her kids to drink more milk, and Bosco is out to help her do just that with a chocolaty treat from her own childhood,” Sanders continued. “So we’re asking moms everywhere to grab a bottle and a glass, and share some of your favorite memories with your loved ones this summer!”

Bosco Chocolate Syrup, created in 1928, is American-made and family-owned for four generations. For news and updates on Bosco’s comeback, visit or

About Bosco® Syrup

Bosco® Syrup is a 4th generation family-owned business based out of Towaco, New Jersey. Made in the USA, Bosco Syrup was created by a doctor in 1928 and is the original milk enhancer and category creator. Bosco has been a staple in American pantries and pop culture, with references in Seinfeld and Shrek, among many others. Now available nationwide in Walmart, Bosco Syrup is perfect with milk, ice cream, fruit, and more. With Vitamins B2, B3, and B6, Bosco provides Moms with the help they need to get their children to drink more milk. For more information, please visit or

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