Herbalife denies allegations from Pershing Square Capital Management that company engaging in illegal business practices in China, says it's in compliance with Chinese direct-selling and anti-pyramid regulations

LOS ANGELES , March 12, 2014 (press release) – Herbalife (NYSE: HLF) today issued the following statement in response to Pershing Square's presentation:

Herbalife remains confident in its business in China, which is built on customers enjoying and benefiting from our nutrition products each and every day. We will continue to invest in this important market and collaborate with the Chinese government to deliver high-quality nutrition to the Chinese consumer through lawful direct selling practices. The presentation reflects Mr. Ackman's continued failure to fundamentally understand Herbalife's business model.

Herbalife (China) has designed and implemented a business model unique to China that is in compliance with Chinese direct-selling and anti-pyramid regulations, and includes strict rules of conduct that prohibit, among other things, illegal recruitment, "pyramid" activities, false product and income claims, and conduct that is deemed illegal under Chinese laws.

Herbalife (China) is committed to the protection of the Chinese consumer and protecting the integrity of the direct-selling channel. The Herbalife Gold Standard Guarantee offers product returns and other protections for consumers and direct sellers of Herbalife product in China. To ensure Herbalife sales representatives and service providers comply with all aspects of Chinese consumer protection laws, Herbalife (China) has a robust training program that reinforces its rules, promotes ethical behavior, and discourages market misconduct.

Since obtaining its first direct-selling license in 2007, Herbalife (China) has regularly partnered with local, regional, and national Chinese government officials in seeking out and penalizing those who violate Chinese laws and Herbalife (China)'s rules. Most recently, Herbalife (China) reaffirmed its commitment to work with the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) to continue to eliminate illegal direct sales activities.

To date, Herbalife (China) has obtained direct-selling licenses in 25 provinces and regional municipalities, which collectively service 97 percent of the Chinese consumer population.

Currently, Herbalife (China) has almost 150,000 Preferred Customers, who purchase our products for self-consumption, not for distribution, and there are nearly 3,000 Nutrition Clubs throughout China. These Nutrition Clubs, individually licensed by the Chinese government, provide further proof of Herbalife's daily consumption model with a visible "brick and mortar" presence. Additionally, Herbalife (China) has made significant investments in its production capabilities in China with manufacturing plants in Suzhou and Changsha.

With a solid base of consumers, the "brick and mortar" presence of the Nutrition Clubs, and production facilities in two provinces, Herbalife (China) has established itself as a leading nutrition brand and legitimate direct-selling company in China that we believe is compliant with, and supportive of the letter and spirit of Chinese regulations in promoting social stability and sustainable economic growth.

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