USPTO grants trademark 'Bio L' to Lotte Shopping for multiple goods including paper plates

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia , January 18, 2014 () – LOTTE SHOPPING CO., LTD. (KOREA), has been granted trademark (4464421) titled as "BIO L" from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Status: Registered

Class/es: IC 003. US 001 004 006 050 051 052. G & S: Cake flavourings being essential oils, fabric softeners for laundry use, bleaching preparations for laundry use, laundry starch, body lotions, toilet water, lipsticks, mascara, cosmetic preparations for baths, shower gels, hair colorants, perfumes, fragrances for household use, adhesives for cosmetic use, false eyelashes, adhesives for affixing false hair, laundry soap, cleaning preparations, detergents prepared from petroleum, beauty soap, dentifrices, boot cream, furniture polish, sanding apparatus in the form of a glove, sandpaper, abrasive cloth, non-medicated shampoos for pets

IC 005. US 006 018 044 046 051 052. G & S: Baby foods made from agricultural products, lacteal flour for babies, mosquito-repellent incenses, multivitamin preparations, preparations of microorganisms for medical and veterinary use, namely, biological tissue cultures for medical purposes, bone growth media consisting of biological materials for medical purposes, stem cells for medical or veterinary use, bracelets for medical purposes, filled first-aid kits, absorbent cotton for medical purposes, bandages for skin wounds, adhesive bandages, surgical bandages, adhesive plaster for medical purposes, menstruation bandages, breast-nursing pads, dental ceramics, medicated diapers, fly catching adhesives, mothproofing paper, air purifying preparations, incontinence diapers, diapers for medical purposes

IC 006. US 002 012 013 014 023 025 050. G & S: Broom handles of metal, pot hooks of metal, baskets of common metal, signboards of common metal, trophies of common metal, traps for wild animals, metal bells for animals, ladders of metal, tins of metal for use in preserving foodstuffs, boxes of common metal, bungs of metal, metal safety cash boxes, screws of metal, knife handles of metal, metal keys for locks, door handles of metal, tiles of metal, handling pallets of metal, metal wash down spray nozzles for commercial and industrial use, insect screens of metal

IC 008. US 023 028 044. G & S: Manicure sets, table cutlery, namely, knives, forks and spoons, spoons, hand tools, namely, hand-powered drills, hand tools, namely, iron hammers, daggers, screwdrivers, hand tools, namely, hammers, sharpening stones, hand tools, namely, planes, non-electric razors, fingernail clippers, hand tools, namely, hoes, hand tools, namely, cattle shearers, hand tools, namely, hand-operated lasts for shoe-making, hand-operated pumps, electric razors, bludgeons, ice axes, namely, mountaineering pickels, hand-operated sprayers, non-electric flat irons

IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Digital cameras, camera cases, measuring instruments, namely, protractors, thermometers, not for medical purposes, sunglasses, optics, namely, spectacles, electric calculators, life jackets, electrical adapters, dry cells, namely, batteries, MP3 players, television monitors, earphones, cellular telephones, computer software, namely, computer software for use in database management, computer keyboards, data processing equipment, namely, computer mouse, ink jet printers, cards incorporating electronic devices, namely, blank electronic chip cards, gloves for protection against accidents, protective helmets for sports, phonograph records featuring music, magnetic ID cards

IC 011. US 013 021 023 031 034. G & S: Gas grills, dish disinfectant apparatus for household use, non-portable ice boxes, gas ranges, ovens other than for laboratory use, namely, cooking ovens, baking ovens, and microwave ovens, camping stoves, sinks, non-electric pocket warmers, namely, chemically-activated heating packets for warming hands not for medical purposes, showers, gas fires, air conditioners, freezers, ventilating fans for commercial and industrial use, water taps, namely, faucets, air purifiers for household use, ice machines and apparatuses, incandescent lamps, electric fans, electric blankets for household use not for medical purposes, electric humidifiers for household use, apparatus for dehydrating food waste, electric kettles, electric refrigerators for household use, hair driers

IC 012. US 019 021 023 031 035 044. G & S: Wheelchairs, ski lifts, electric locomotives, automobile wheels, camping trailers, rearview mirrors for vehicles, seat covers for automobiles, bicycles, bicycle saddles, shopping carts, baby carriages, automobile tires, shock absorbers for automobiles, bicycle brakes, automobile engines

IC 014. US 002 027 028 050. G & S: Diamond, unwrought, non-monetary coins, commemorative coins, jewel cases of precious metal, shoe ornaments of precious metal, key rings of precious metal, clocks, jewelry, namely, pearls, precious metals, precious metal, namely, platinum, earrings of precious metal, badges of precious metal, cuff links, works of art of precious metal, paste jewelry

IC 015. US 002 021 036. G & S: Tuning apparatus for musical instruments, musical instruments, Korean traditional musical instruments, namely, gayageum, Chinese guitars, namely, pipa, guitars, pianos, conductors' batons, tuning forks, bass drum

IC 016. US 002 005 022 023 029 037 038 050. G & S: Cigar bands, glue for household use, garbage bags of plastics for household use, silver paper, non-textile labels, namely, blank or partially printed paper label, paper pennants, flower pot covers of paper, toilet seat covers of paper, cardboard for use with handicraft work, paper, packing paper, napkins of paper, disposable wipes not impregnated with chemicals or compounds, toilet paper, stationery, office stationery, writing instruments, food wrapping plastic film for household use, money clips, cream containers of paper, boxes of paper, bags and sacks of paper, bibs of paper, credit cards without magnetic coding, advertising pamphlets, calendars, postage stamps, business cards, pictures, blueprints, architects' models, books in the field of food, manuals in the field of food

IC 017. US 001 005 012 013 035 050. G & S: Adhesive tape for industrial and commercial packing use, mica, raw or partly processed, asbestos paper, semi-worked synthetic resins as semi-finished products in the form of pellets, rods, foils, foams, fibers, films and sheets, natural rubber, rubber bags for packaging, rubber bottle stoppers, asbestos coverings, namely, asbestos fabrics, rubber hose for firefighting, waterproof packings for industrial or commercial use, electrical insulating fabrics, insulating gloves, vulcanized fiber not for textile use, asbestos fibers, rubber cords, artificial wools not for use in textiles, namely, glass wool for insulation, slag wool for use as a building insulator, rock wool

IC 018. US 001 002 003 022 041. G & S: Gut for making sausages, cosmetic bags sold empty, clothing for pets, raw and semi-worked leather, imitation leather, leather bags, all-purpose carrying bags, school bags, shoulder bags, purses, travelling trunks, leather boxes, umbrellas, parasols, canes, leather key chains, animal wraps and covers, all-purpose leather straps

IC 019. US 001 012 033 050. G & S: Gypsum, tempered glass for building, advertisement columns, not of metal, aviary assembly kits not of metal, building timber, cork tiles and tiles of cork-based conglomerates for floor, wall and ceiling coverings, storage tanks for livestock feed made of masonry, letter boxes of masonry, wall plaques made of stone, concrete or marble, asbestos cement, artificial stone, non-metal framework for building, scaffolding, not of metal, plastic tiles, assembly building not of metal, namely, prefabricated non-metal buildings, portable non-metal buildings, posts, not of metal, non-luminous and non-mechanical signaling panels, not of metal, insect screens not of metal, concrete sculptures

IC 020. US 002 013 022 025 032 050. G & S: Umbrella stands, commemorative plates, kennels for household pets not including cages, step ladders, not of metal, containers for livestock feeders not of metal or masonry for commercial use for dispensing bulk animal feed, plastic storage containers for commercial or industrial use for storing animal feed, bins of wood or plastic, office furniture, chests, not of metal, book stands, costume display stands, dining chairs, indoor blinds, picture frames, decorative mobiles, inflatable bed pillows, bolsters, not for medical purposes, neck-supporting pillows, Korean seat cushions, namely, bangsuk, hand-held flat fans, curtain hooks, knife handles, not of metal, window fittings, not of metal, sleeping bags for camping, portable chairs for fishing and recreational use, mannequins, dining tables

IC 021. US 002 013 023 029 030 033 040 050. G & S: Soap boxes, toilet sponges, toothbrushes, clothes racks for drying, dishwashing brushes, trash cans, cleaning rags, glass fibers for reinforcing plastics, non-electric cooking pans, non-electric kettles, mugs, tableware, namely, coffee services, tableware, namely, tea services, paper plates, dishes, laundry baskets, bread baskets for domestic use, food containers for household or kitchen use, buckets, insulating flasks, non-electric portable coldboxes, signboards of glass, fly catchers, mouse traps, flower pots, fishbowls, birdcages, clothes brushes, toilet paper holders, lazy susans for telephones, flat-iron stands, washbasins, boxes for sweetmeats, glass dish covers, containers for household use, namely, glass bulbs, rice chests, crockery, namely, pots, dishes, drinking cups and saucers, bowls, serving bowls and trays, incense burners, shoe brushes, candlesticks, tub brushes, bird feeders, small animal feeders, animal activated livestock feeders, toothbrushes, electric, non-electric portable pots and pans for camping, buttonhooks, abrasive sponges for scrubbing the skin, cattle hair for brushes, synthetic fibers for the manufacture of brushes, raccoon dog hair for brushes, glass fibers for non-textile purposes, drinking straws, aquarium structures, namely, aquarium gravel and aquarium stones

IC 022. US 001 002 007 019 022 042 050. G & S: Snare nets, textile bags, envelops and pouches for merchandise packaging, bags of straw, namely, kamasu and tawara, tents, hammocks, tents for mountaineering or camping, cotton fibers, silk fibers, ramie fibers, animal hair, artificial wools for textile use, carbon fibers for textile use, cords made of textile fibers for packaging use, fishing nets

IC 023. US 043. G & S: Silk thread and yarn; rayon thread and yarn; cotton thread and yarn; colored thread; spun wool; embroidery thread and yarn; sewing thread and yarn; rubber thread for textile use; thread and yarn for textile use; synthetic fiber thread and yarn for textile use; cotton thread and yarn for darning; synthetic fiber thread and yarn; cotton base mixed thread and yarn

IC 024. US 042 050. G & S: Tissues of textile for removing make-up, dish towels, labels of cloth, cloth banners, textile banners, toilet seat covers of fabric, traced cloth for embroidery, shower curtains of textile, vinyl cloth for use in the manufacture of clothing, furniture, automobile upholstery and luggage, curtains of textile, flower vase mats of textile or plastic, wall hangings of textile, mosquito nets, quilts, bed covers, shrouds, abrasive face towels made of textile, abrasive hand towels made of textile, face towels of textile, fabrics for textile use, knitted fabric, textile fabric for use in the manufacture of ribbon, non-woven textile fabrics, washing mitts

IC 025. US 022 039. G & S: Clothing, namely, money belts, footwear, leather shoes, sandals, slippers, inner soles, climbing clothes, namely, climbing shirt, pants and hats, climbing and mountaineering footwear, sweat shirts, training suits, men's suits, dresses, children's clothing, namely, shirts, pants, shorts, socks, underwear, hats, clothing, namely, jackets, blue jeans, Korean style shirts, Korean sleeping robes, Korean style socks, singlets, panties, sweaters, cuffs, stockings, scarves, clothing, namely, gloves, clothing, namely, headbands, headwear, namely, caps, face masks for protection against the cold, waterproof clothing, namely, waterproof jackets and pants, waterproof boots, waterproof hats, clothing, namely, belts, ski gloves

IC 026. US 037 039 040 042 050. G & S: Hair coloring caps, false hair, competitors' numbers not of textile, needle cushions, rug hooks, shoe laces, bodkins, shuttles for making fishing nets, sewing machine needles for household use, shoulder pads for clothing, expanding bands for holding sleeves, hair ribbons, buttons, artificial flowers, embroidery, artificial fruit

IC 027. US 019 020 037 042 050. G & S: Bath mats, door mats, floor mats, vehicle floor mats, plastic bath mats, wallpaper, carpets, non-slip bathtub mats, floor mats in the nature of non-slip pads for use under apparatus to prevent slippage, non-textile wall hangings, artificial turf, gymnastic mats

IC 028. US 022 023 038 050. G & S: Butterfly nets, toys for domestic pets, artificial Christmas trees, playthings, namely, chess sets, play figures, play houses, children's play cosmetics, dolls, toys, namely, action figure toys, children's multiple activity toys, construction toys, music box toys, games, namely, board games, chess sets, action skill games, arcade games, backgammon games, play balloons, games, rackets, shuttlecocks, flippers for swimming, sports articles, namely, knee guards for athletic use, machines for physical exercises, namely, rowing machines, elliptical exercise machines, exercise treadmills, stationary exercise bicycles, dumb-bells, surf boards, skateboards, baseball gloves, table tennis balls, golf balls, fishing tackle, swimming jackets

IC 029. US 046. G & S: Frozen beans, pollen prepared as foodstuff, frozen vegetables, dried vegetables, dried fruits, preserved fruits other than those frozen, canned or bottled fruits, vegetable juices for cooking, tofu, soy milk, preserved beans, frozen fruits, chicken, pork, beef, eggs; processed meat, sausages, dried beef, processed meat products, namely, processed ham, processed turkey, processed lamb, milk, cheese, lactic acid bacteria drinks, soybean oil for food, margarine, food products made from worm, namely, uncooked hamburgers containing processed worm, fish, not live, toasted laver, processed edible seaweed, preserved fish, unflavored and unsweetened gelatins

IC 030. US 046. G & S: Polished rice, starch for food, wheat flour for food, tapioca, almond paste, instant noodles, Chinese stuffed dumplings, pizzas, noodles, malt extracts for food, biscuits, ice cream, chocolate, white sugar, starch syrup for culinary purposes, soy sauce, fermented hot pepper paste, namely, gochu-jang, condiment, namely, soy bean paste, chemical seasoning, namely, chili seasoning, seasoning pastes, taco seasoning, vinegar, ketchup, sauces, spice, namely, hot pepper powder, pepper, spices, seasoned salt, tea, green tea, black tea, iced tea, instant coffee, coffee-based beverages, tea-based beverages, edible ices, starch-based binding agents for ice cream, starch-based binding agents for ice cream and edible ices

IC 031. US 001 046. G & S: Unprocessed cereals, fresh roots for food, namely, raw carrot roots, fresh radish, fresh vegetables, sugarcane, copra, malt for brewing and distilling, livestock feed, pet food, agricultural seeds, unprocessed edible seeds, unprocessed flax seeds, seeds for fruit and vegetables, fresh fruits, fruits, namely, fresh almonds, live trees, live plants, fresh, raw or unprocessed hops, cocoa beans, raw, fertilized eggs for hatching, poultry, live, worms, live, fish and shellfish, live, unprocessed brown algae (Hijiki seaweed), unprocessed kelp (Kombu seaweed), unprocessed sea lettuce (Aosa seaweed), unprocessed

seaweed (Wakame), litter, namely, sanded paper for pets, aromatic sand litter for pets, animal litter, undressed timber, raw barks, wood chips for the manufacture of wood pulp, live Christmas trees, fishing bait, live, dried plants for decoration, live silkworms, rushes

IC 032. US 045 046 048. G & S: Extracts of hops for making beer, fruit juices, soda pops, vegetable drinks, vegetable juice beverages, vegetable juices, vegetable-fruit juices, fruit-flavored beverages, soft drinks, aerated water, beverages, namely, vegetable drinks, mineral water, beverages, namely, water, beer, black beers

IC 033. US 047 049. G & S: Korean traditional rice-based liquor, namely, bupju, Korean distilled liquor, namely, soju, sake, Japanese apricot-based liquor, wine, whisky, prepared alcoholic cocktails, prepared wine cocktails, alcoholic fruit cocktail drinks, Chinese traditional liquor, namely, kaolyangju

IC 034. US 002 008 009 017. G & S: Tobacco, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, tobacco pipes, cigarette cases, match boxes, ashtrays for smokers, matches, lighters for smokers, liquefied gas cylinders for cigarette lighters

IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Marketing services, sales promotion for others, publication of publicity texts, outdoor advertising, rental of advertisement space and advertising material, dissemination of advertising matter, retail store services featuring pharmaceutical products, information retrieval services on the internet for others, namely, collection and systematization of information into computer databases, import-export agencies, rental of office machinery and equipment, rental of vending machines, arranging newspaper subscriptions for others, advertising in periodicals for others, retail store services featuring processed meat products, retail store services featuring furniture, retail store services featuring bags and wallets, retail store services featuring outerwear and overcoat, retail store services featuring confectionery, bread, gum, candy and chocolate, retail store services featuring mineral water and water beverages, retail store services featuring frozen vegetables, retail store services featuring frozen fruits, retail store services featuring mayonnaise, vinegar, sauces and ketchup, retail store services featuring headwear, retail store services featuring stationery, retail store services featuring grains, cereals, unprocessed beans and bee pollen, retail store services featuring vodka, brandy, whisky, gin, strawberry wine, Japanese apricot-based liquor, wild grapes wine, wine and cider, retail store services featuring preserved and processed fish and shellfish, retail store services featuring fertilizers and earth for growing, retail store services featuring animal foodstuffs, retail store services featuring live fish and shellfish, retail store services featuring books and periodicals, retail store services featuring cleaning tools and washing utensils other than electric, retail store services featuring underwear, sweaters and shirts, retail store services featuring meat, retail store services featuring fresh fruits. retail store services featuring fresh vegetables, retail store services featuring toys, playthings and dolls, retail store services featuring milk and processed dairy products, retail store services featuring diapers of paper and cellulose for infants/bibs of paper, retail store services featuring automobiles and their parts and accessories, retail store services featuring bicycles and their parts and accessories, retail store services featuring soy sauce and soy bean paste, retail store services featuring electric audio and visual apparatus and instruments, retail store services featuring papers, retail store services featuring towels of textile, washing mitts and wrapping cloth, retail store services featuring processed vegetable products, preserved vegetables, food products made from fruit and preserved fruits, retail store services featuring Korean clothes, retail store services featuring cosmetics

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Date of registration: January 14, 2014

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