San Francisco-based vaporizer manufacturer Ploom warns public of safety issue identified in counterfeit Pax vaporizers from China, which contain plastic materials that are not stable at operating temperatures

SAN FRANCISCO , December 27, 2013 (press release) – Chinese Authorities Conduct Raid on Alleged Counterfeit Trafficker and Manufacturer

Ploom, inventors and manufacturers of first-in-category premium vaporizers, wishes to inform the public of a potential safety issue identified in counterfeit Pax vaporizers.

Pax vaporizers gently heat tobacco, releasing full flavor and nicotine from tobacco with no smoke or secondhand smoke. It has recently come to light that certain counterfeit Pax contain plastic materials which are not stable at operating temperature. Ploom suggests that any consumers who have purchased counterfeit Pax discontinue their use immediately.

“Consumer safety is our utmost concern. To ensure consumers receive the quality we stand behind, we urge consumers to purchase Pax vaporizers from or from authorized retailers identified through the Authorized Retail Locator,” said James Monsees, co-founder and CEO of Ploom.

In order to protect consumers’ interests and Ploom’s legitimate rights, Ploom has made investigations to locate manufacturers of counterfeit products and then initiated legal actions in China to stop the manufacture and sales of counterfeit products. For instance, Ploom has filed a complaint before the Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration (Shenzhen MSA), which inspected Shenzhen Chiamey Technology Co., Ltd. on December 20, 2013, and seized and destroyed counterfeit products found on the spot. Shenzhen MSA now is making further investigations to the case based on the findings in the inspection of Chiamey.

Ploom’s 10-year limited warranty is only available to consumers who have purchased authentic Pax devices at or from Ploom authorized retailers. Consumers who aren't shopping from or a Ploom authorized retailer risk purchasing counterfeit products. Ploom customer service continues to receive complaints from users with poorly performing Pax devices that have turned out to be counterfeit.

It is Ploom’s first and foremost goal to protect consumers from poorly performing and potentially unsafe counterfeit devices. Ploom urges consumers to ensure they are receiving authentic quality Ploom products. Ploom is committed to prosecuting infringing entities through all measures available, including legal action when necessary, in an effort to protect business partners and consumers.

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