National Beverage announces fiscal Q2 net earnings of US$12.5M, compared to year-ago earnings of US$12M; net sales at US$167.7M, compared to year-ago sales of US$166.6M

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida , December 5, 2013 (press release) – National Beverage Corp. (FIZZ) today reported results for the second quarter of Fiscal 2014.

For the second quarter ended October 26, 2013 vs. October 27, 2012:

Sales increased to $168 million

Net income increased to $12.5 million

Earnings per share increased to $.27

For the twelve months ended October 26, 2013:

EBITDA* was $79 million

“The two most unique traits of this company are: Innovation/Creative at its ‘Mast’ and Resiliency in its ‘Keel’! The Perfect Storm that occurred in our first quarter, composed of consumer rebellion, Big Cola’s erratic pricing and weather, created circumstances that nearly exhausted Team National’s resilience! This company thrives when challenged and this second quarter reflects those efforts,” stated Nick A. Caporella, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

“The soft drink industry is awash in 'Wanna Be' replacements for a shrinking sugary carbonated soft drink marketplace. The Giants in the carbonated business mix and match their ‘flat’ water products in an attempt to recapture the loss of their cola sales. Kinda like compromising Americans by changing the words, tempo and colors of the song – ‘America’! Consumers are brand loyal and very smart. They want the efficacy of time-tested brands like Shasta or LaCroix sparkling water. Just adding a tad of flavor, ‘gassing-it-up’ and calling it sparkling water begs the same wrath as changing the words of ‘America’. . . bah humbug!” chided Caporella.

“Saying we are ‘thrilled’ for our shareholders; reading text messages and emails full of delight in appreciation of their company’s performance throughout calendar year 2013 . . . is indeed heartfelt! Yes it is . . . To conserve space in this release, I will write a shareholder letter over the next ten days going into detail relative to the Power + Brand segment that continues to provide results as witnessed within this release. Further contained in this letter, we will ‘outlook’ assets that heretofore were thought only revenue and profit generators! Today, some investors are weighing their potential value when placed in a larger, more mature, distribution system,” Caporella stated.

“Hope the sparkling joy of our refreshments, the contentment of our loyal shareholders and the goodwill of our devout Team National stirs up within you – the Tingling Warm Spirit of a Yuletide Blessing!” Caporella concluded with a smile.

National Beverage’s iconic brands are the genuine essence . . . of America.

Industry Intelligence editor's note: In an omitted table, the company reported fiscal second-quarter 2014 net income of US$12.5 million and net sales of $167.7 million compared to fiscal second-quarter 2013 net income of $12 million and net sales of $166.6 million.

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