UK Intellectual Property Office publishes application for trademark 'Brian' to for multiple goods and services including paper plates

SOUTH WALES, United Kingdom , October 28, 2013 () – Ltd., Cardiff, has filed the trademark "BRIAN" on April 23 for multiple goods and services.

The trademark application (journal number: 2013/043) was published on Oct. 25.

The description of the mark registered is: "Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking, supervision, life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; data processing apparatus and equipment; data banks; data banks containing customer information for the purposes of direct marketing and dissemination to carefully selected third parties; computers; portable and laptop computers; computer hardware and software; computer software and telecommunications apparatus including modems to enable connection to databases and the Internet; computer software and publications, downloadable in electronic form supplied on-line from databases or from facilities provided on the Internet including web sites; computer software to enable searching of data; computer software and databases providing information on all aspects of motoring, motoring maintenance and travel, including parking availability; electronic pads and tablets; e-book readers; computer printers; computer monitors; computer peripheral devices; central processing units; interfaces for computers; microprocessors; electronic apparatus, equipment and instruments for use in recording data and information concerning vehicle performance, fuel consumption and vehicle behaviour; electronic apparatus, equipment and instruments for use in recording data and information concerning driver behaviour, driving indications and performance; electronic data recordal and retrieval devices for use in vehicles; electronic data recordal and retrieval devices for use in vehicles relating to fuel consumption, tyre pressure, brake wear and tear and vehicle efficiency and economy; electronic tags for goods; electronic tags for vehicles; alarms; burglar alarms; anti-theft warning apparatus; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; circuit breakers and closers; electric loss indicators; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; audiovisual teaching apparatus; batteries; batteries, electric, for vehicles; battery chargers; solar batteries; cameras; digital cameras; clocks, time recording devices; coin operated gates for car parks or parking lots; disk drives for computers; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; blank and pre-recorded audio and video discs and cassettes, CD-ROM's, optical discs, compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media; computer software applications for use with mobile communication devices; telematics software and hardware; mobile telephone apparatus and equipment; telephones and video telephones; directional compasses; distance measuring and recording apparatus; dog whistles; electronic notice boards; fire extinguishing apparatus for use in all environments, including vehicles; fuel and gasoline dispensing pumps for service stations; films, exposed; frequency meters; fuel pumps, self-regulating; printed circuits; integrated circuit cards smart cards; encoded and magnetic charge cards; credit cards and debit cards; encoded and magnetic cards for use in relation to electronic transfer of funds; cards bearing electronically recorded data; encoded or magnetic cards for use with computers; anti-dazzle shades; anti-glare glasses and visors; binoculars and opera glasses; cameras; holograms; neon and luminous signs; electronic notice boards; protective clothing, footwear and headgear; protective gloves, goggles, helmets, outfits, spectacles, wrist guards, knee and elbow guards for use by cyclists, motorists, motor cyclists, ice skaters, roller skaters, skate boarders and roller-bladers; gloves for protection against accidents; clothing and gloves for protection against fire; protective masks; headphones; spectacles; spectacle cases, frames and glasses; sunglasses and sunglass cases; computer and video games; television apparatus; aerials; animated cartoons; electronic pens visual display units; juke boxes; lasers not for medical purposes; lenses optical; life belts and jackets; lightening arrestors and conductors; navigation apparatus for vehicles on-board computers;navigational instruments; satellite navigation apparatus; neon signs;observation instruments; pedometers; photocopiers; pocket calculators; pressure indicators; quantity indicators; radios; reflecting discs for wear, for the prevention of motor accidents; road signs, luminous or mechanical; remote control apparatus; signal bells; speed indicators; speed measuring apparatus; tachometers; taximeters; theft prevention installations; vehicle breakdown warning triangles; voltage regulators and convertors for vehicles; weighing apparatus and machines; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.

Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; parts, fittings and accessories therefor; anti-glare devices for vehicles; anti-theft alarms for vehicles; anti-theft devices for vehicles; bicycles; bodies for vehicles; boats; brakes for vehicles; caravans; cars; carts; cigar and cigarette lighters for automobiles; clutches for land vehicles; couplings for land vehicles; covers for vehicle steering wheels; cycles; electric vehicles; engines for land vehicles; ferry boats; golf carts; head-rests for vehicle seats; hub caps; locomotives; lorries; luggage carriers for vehicles; mopeds; motor buses; motor cars; motor coaches; motor homes; motorcycles; mudguards; panniers adapted for cycles; panniers adapted for cycles; parachutes; propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles; air pumps [vehicle accessories]; pumps for bicycles and cycles; pushchairs; rear-view mirrors; reversing alarms for vehicles; rims for vehicle wheels; safety belts for vehicle seats; safety seats for children, for vehicles; scooters [vehicles]; seat covers for vehicles; ships; side cars; snowmobiles; spare tyre and wheel covers; sports cars; stands for bicycles and cycles [parts of bicycles, cycles]; steering wheels for vehicles; sun-blinds adapted for automobiles; tires for vehicle wheels; tractors; trailers [vehicles]; tramcars; tricycles; trucks; vans [vehicles]; wheelchairs; windows for vehicles; windscreens; windscreen wipers; yachts; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.

Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes; printed matter; bookbinding material; photographs; stationery; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; artists' materials; paint brushes; typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes); printers' type; printing blocks; publications; albums, almanacs, booklets, books, brochures, diaries, directories, guides, handbooks, journals, leaflets, notebooks, pamphlets, magazines, manuals and periodicals; announcement and greeting cards; charge cards, credit cards and debit cards (other than encoded or magnetic); cards (other than encoded or magnetic) for use in relation to the payment and transfer of funds; trading cards; place cards; post cards; coasters of paper; document files and holders; folders for papers and stationery; loose leaf binders; photographs; photograph stands; apparatus for mounting photographs; artwork, diagrams and illustrations; artists materials, excluding brushes and hand rollers; address stamps; book plates; book bindings; book ends; calendars; charts; graphic prints and posters; graphic reproductions; drawing boards, pads and materials; etchings and engravings; flags of paper; handkerchiefs of paper; instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); letter trays; mats for glasses; office requisites (except furniture); paintings and pictures (framed or un-framed); paper weights; patterns for making clothes; paper and cardboard frames; holders for pens and pencils; paper knives; posters; stationery; scrap books; signboards of paper or cardboard; stamps (seals); stencils; table cloths, linen and mats of paper; tissues; towels of paper; water colours; wrappers; wrapping and packing paper; writing pads; writing paper; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.

Leather and imitations of leather and goods made from these materials; belts; bags; beach, travelling, shopping and sports bags; bags for campers and climbers; haversacks and rucksacks; game bags; school bags and satchels; suitcases; travel sets; vanity cases; travelling trunks; garment bags for travel; handbags; duffel and tote bags; toiletry bags; music cases; attache and brief cases; portfolios; purses and wallets; credit card holders; business card holders; umbrellas and parasols; umbrellas and parasol covers; card and notecases; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.

Glassware; kitchen and household containers and utensils (not of precious metal or coated therewith); basins; baskets; bowls; candle rings and candle sticks (not of precious metal); chamber pots; china ornaments; figurines (statuettes) of porcelain, terracotta or glass; flower pots and flower pot covers; glass receptacles, bowls and jars; jugs and pitchers; menu card holders; napkin holders and rings (not of precious metal); paper plates; pepper mills and pots; salt cellars and shakers; stew-pans; saucepans; tea caddies; tea services and teapots; thermally insulated containers for food; vases; vegetable dishes; works of art of porcelain, terracotta or glass; picnic baskets; pie servers; glass cooking pots; cups (not of precious metal); decanters; dishes; butter dishes and dish covers; soap dishes; brushes and combs; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.

Clothing, footwear and headgear; sports and activity clothing, footwear and headgear; boots, shoes, slippers and sandals; Tee-shirts; ties; scarves; socks; waterproof clothing; bath robes; bathing caps; bathing suits; berets; braces; caps [headwear]; coats; dresses; ear muffs [clothing]; gaiters; galoshes; gloves [clothing]; hats; headbands [clothing]; jackets [clothing]; jerseys [clothing]; jumpers [pullovers]; leg warmers; leggings [leg warmers]; leggings [trousers]; mittens; money belts [clothing]; motorists' clothing; muffs [clothing]; neckties; overalls; parkas; ponchos; saris; sarongs; scarves; shawls; shirts; sleep masks; socks; suits; sun visors; sweaters; swimsuits; trousers; underclothing; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.

Games, toys and playthings; board games; chess games; gymnastic and sporting apparatus, appliances and articles, not included in other classes; balls for games; apparatus and appliances for use in relation to the martial arts; arcade video game machines; archery implements; play balloons; billiard balls and cues; bingo cards; bob-sleighs; body boards; body-building apparatus; conjuring apparatus; cricket bags; darts; dolls; dolls' clothes; fairground ride apparatus; fencing gauntlets and masks; fencing weapons; fishing tackle; golf bags, with or without wheels; golf clubs; golf gloves; jigsaw puzzles; kites and kite reels; mobiles [toys]; plush toys; protective pads and guards for use in sports, activities and the martial arts; playing cards; punching bags and posts; rackets; radio-controlled toy vehicles; rods and reels for fishing; rocking horses; scale model vehicles; scratch cards for playing lottery games; skateboards; roller skates, including in-line roller blades; skis; slot machines [gaming machines]; snowshoes; stuffed toys; swings; teddy bears; theatrical masks; toy masks; toys for domestic pets; trampolines; video game machines; decorations for Christmas trees; electronic games adapted for use with television receivers; amusement apparatus; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.

Advertising; business management; business administration; office functions; business, advertising and promotional services and information services relating thereto; business and advertising information services, all provided online from a computer database or the internet; professional business consultancy services; advertising services relating to motor cars and other vehicles; retail services connected with the sale of motor cars and other vehicles; management of consumer and trade schemes, including discount voucher and customer loyalty schemes; accounting, auditing and book-keeping services; business appraisal services; business consultancy, information and organisation services; business investigation and research; business support services; compilation of advertisements for use as web pages on the Internet; devising and up-dating of advertising, promotional and publicity materials; on-line advertising on a computer network; computerised file management; cost price analysis; demonstration of goods; direct mail advertising; outdoor advertising; rental of advertising and promotional space; rental of advertising time on communication media; dissemination of advertising and promotional materials; distribution of samples, commercial and promotional items; sales promotion (for others); data searching in computer files (for others); computerised file management; document reproduction; economic forecasting; gathering, arranging and disseminating statistical business information; compilation and systemisation of information into computer databases; computerised business information storage from databanks and databases; market research and studies; cost price analysis; franchising consultancy services; market and marketing research and studies; opinion polling; public relations; preparation of publicity columns; publication of publicity materials and texts; organisation of exhibitions and trade fairs for commercial advertising purposes; rental of advertising and promotional space; sales promotion (for others); word processing; radio and television advertising and commercials; devising and up-dating of advertising, promotional and publicity materials; personnel assessment, development, deployment, management and utilisation consultancy; personnel recruitment, placement and contracting; employment agencies; labour exchange services; efficiency expert services; human resource development and deployment within business structures, organisations and throughout the labour market; human resources consultancy; human resources assessment; managing and advising on the development of company executives and officers, professional and other individuals within corporate and professional environments; information provided on-line from a computer database or via the Internet, all relating to human resources assessment and utilisation, personnel recruitment, career consulting and counselling, out-placement of personnel and allied areas; career counselling; personnel competency analysis and profiling services; career consultancy and counselling; transcription; photocopying; document reproduction; procurement services for others (purchasing goods and services for other businesses); radio and television advertising and commercials; arranging newspaper and publication subscriptions for others; advice, information and consulting services relating to all the aforesaid services.

Insurance; financial affairs; monetary affairs; real estate affairs; insurance and financial services; motor and non-marine general insurance services; motor insurance; fire insurance; health insurance; life insurance; marine insurance; insurance for computers, mobile telephones, electronic pads and tablets and all other portable electronic apparatus, gadgets, instruments and equipment; brief case, hand bag, haversack and rucksack insurance; information services relating to insurance and finance, provided on-line from a computer database or the Internet; finance and financing services relating to motor cars and other vehicles; insurance brokerage, consultancy, information and underwriting services; underwriting of motor accident insurance; brokerage of stocks, bonds and securities; financial consultancy, information and management services; capital investment; fund investment; loan, warranty and extended warranty services; financing of loans; investment services; financial management services; unit trust, mortgaging, investment management, trusteeship, pension and financial advisory services; financial sponsorship; issuance of credit cards; charge cards and debit cards; trade discount card services; financial evaluation (insurance and real estate); financial management of consumer and trade schemes; electronic transfer of funds; charitable fund raising; pre-paid funeral expense services; advice and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid services.

Building construction; repair; installation services; airplane maintenance and repair; motor vehicle maintenance and repair; vehicle maintenance and repair; vehicle breakdown assistance; retreading of tires tyres; vulcanization of tyres [repair]; anti-rust treatment for vehicles; rust proofing; vehicle cleaning; car wash; motor vehicle wash; vehicle polishing; vehicle greasing; vehicle lubrication; rebuilding engines that have been worn or partially destroyed; vehicle service stations [refuelling and maintenance];installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware; asphalting; boiler cleaning and repair; bricklaying; building insulating; rental of bulldozers; burglar alarm installation and repair; burner maintenance and repair; chimney sweeping; dry cleaning; rental of cleaning machines; cleaning of buildings [exterior surface]; cleaning of buildings [interior]; cleaning of clothing; clock and watch repair; clothing repair; construction information; damp-proofing [building]; disinfecting; installation of doors and windows; electric appliance installation and repair; rental of excavators; fire alarm installation and repair; freezing equipment installation and repair; furniture maintenance; furniture restoration; heating equipment installation and repair; interference suppression in electrical apparatus; irrigation devices installation and repair; kitchen equipment installation; knife sharpening; laundering; leather care, cleaning and repair; repair of security locks; machinery installation, maintenance and repair; installation, maintenance and repair of office machines and equipment; painting, interior and exterior; road paving; photographic apparatus repair; plastering; plumbing; rebuilding machines that have been worn or partially destroyed; rental of cranes [construction equipment]; rental of road sweeping machines; repair information; safe maintenance and repair shoe repair; painting or repair of signs; street cleaning; strong-room maintenance and repair; telephone installation and repair; refilling of toner cartridges; umbrella repair; upholstering; upholstery repair; [repair]; advice, information and consulting services in relation to all the aforesaid services.

Telecommunications; telecommunication of information (including web pages), computer programmes and all other data and images; provision of telecommunications access and links to computer databases, the Internet and the World Wide Web; reception, communication, transmission, and telecommunication services, namely the display of information from databanks and databases; electronic mail services; facsimile, telex, telephone and telegram services; cellular telephone communication; rental of telephones, cellular telephones and telecommunication apparatus and equipment; reception, communication and transmission of data and images by means of cable, computer, electronic mail, facsimile, fibre optics, infra-red, laser beam, microwave, radio, radio paging, teleprinter, teleletter, television and satellite; message sending; paging services; computer aided transmission of facsimile messages and images; telecommunication services providing access to product and service directories and information, telephone and facsimile directories and financial transactions and information; transmission, communication and telecommunication of information for ticket sales purposes; news and press agencies; providing access via computers and communications networks including the Internet, to text, electronic documents, databases, graphic and audiovisual information; Internet portal services; providing access to MP3 web sites on the Internet; providing access to digital music web sites on the Internet; providing internet chat rooms; walled gardens [provision of internet access to vetted and selected web sites]; provision of access to computer programmes via home page interfaces; providing electronic access to periodicals and other printed matter on the Internet, computers and communications networks; advice, information and consulting services relating to all the aforesaid services.

Transport; packaging and storage of goods; travel arrangement; air transport; aircraft rental; ambulance transport; armoured-car transport; arranging of cruises; arranging of tours; barge transport; boat rental; boat storage; boat transport; booking of seats for travel; bottling services; freighting; freight [shipping of goods]; freight brokerage; freight forwarding; transport brokerage; bus transport; operating canal locks; car parking; car rental; car transport; carting; chauffeur services; motor coach rental; railway coach rental; courier services [messages or merchandise]; parcel delivery; flower delivery; message delivery; delivery of goods; delivery of goods by mail order; delivery of newspapers; distribution of energy; rental of diving bells; rental of diving suits; electricity distribution; escorting of travellers; ferry-boat transport; frozen-food locker rental; motor car and motor bike hire; vehicle hire; rental of motor cars; rental of motor racing cars; rental of vehicles; leasing of motor cars; leasing of vehicles; providing information about vehicles for lease by means of the Internet; transporting furniture; garage rental; parking place rental; guarded transport of valuables; hauling; horse rental; transport; transportation information; transport reservation; transportation logistics; marine transport; passenger transport; piloting; porterage; pleasure boat transport; railway transport; refrigerator rental; rental of freezers; removal services; household removals; rental of storage containers; rental of vehicle roof racks; rental of warehouses; rental of wheelchairs; rescue operations [transport]; transport reservation; travel reservation; river transport; rental of vehicle roof racks; salvage of ships; underwater salvage; salvaging; ship brokerage; sightseeing [tourism]; storage; boat storage; rental of storage containers; storage information; physical storage of electronically-stored data or documents; streetcar transport; taxi transport; arranging of tours; towing; traffic information; tram transport; transport and storage of trash and waste; transport brokerage; transport of travellers; travel reservation; unloading cargo; vehicle breakdown assistance [towing]; water distribution and supply; advice, information and consulting services in relation to all the aforesaid services.

Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; arranging and conducting of conferences, congresses, seminars, symposiums and workshops; publication of books and texts (not including publicity texts); information relating to education or entertainment, provided on-line from a computer database or the Internet; providing on-line electronic publications (not downloadable); teaching, training and tuition; publication of electronic books, texts and journals on-line; electronic desktop publishing; film and video film production and editing; instruction, tuition and teaching services for persons involved or interested in business, finance and insurance; providing information on entertainment, music, sports, nightlife and education via computer networks and global communication networks; on-line education services; entertainment information services; information relating to entertainment, musical and cultural activities provided on line from a computer database or the Internet; organisation and running of cultural, educational, musical and sports events, activities and competitions; arranging, organising, conducting and running of exhibitions, concerts, fairs, conferences, seminars and workshops; composition of advertisement jingles; education and instructional services relating to automobile maintenance and repair; practical training (demonstration); arranging of competitions for cultural, educational and entertainment purposes; arranging of quizzes; providing interactive on-line computer games via computer networks and global communication networks; providing amusement arcade services; amusement parks; amusements; arranging of beauty contests; ticket agency services [entertainment]; booking of seats for the cinema, circus, theatre, concerts and live shows; bookmobile services; holiday camp services [entertainment]; sports camp services; providing casino facilities [gambling]; rental of cine-films; cinema presentations; circuses; club services [entertainment or education]; coaching [training]; conducting fitness classes; correspondence courses; disc jockey services; discotheque services; organization of fashion shows for entertainment purposes; gambling; game services provided on-line from a computer network; games equipment rental; providing golf facilities; vocational guidance [education or training advice]; gymnastic instruction; health club services [health and fitness training]; recreation information; sign language interpretation; language interpreter services; layout services, other than for advertising purposes; lending libraries; mobile library services; presentation of live performances; operating lotteries; microfilming; movie studios; movie theatre presentations; music production and composition services; music-halls; news reporters services; night clubs; nursery schools; orchestra services; organization of sports competitions; party planning [entertainment]; presentation of live performances; personal trainer services [fitness training]; photographic reporting; photography; physical education; production of radio and television programmes; production of shows; providing karaoke services; providing sports facilities; rental of radio and television sets; radio entertainment; recording studio services; providing recreation facilities; religious education; rental of audio equipment, camcorders, cine-films, lighting apparatus for theatrical sets or television studios; motion pictures, movie projectors and accessories, radio and television sets, show scenery, skin diving equipment, sound recordings and sports equipment [except vehicles], sports grounds, stadium facilities, stage scenery, tennis courts, video cameras, video cassette recorders, videotapes and DVDs; news reporter services; timing of sports events; subtitling; television entertainment; toy rental; translation; vocational retraining; vocational guidance; advice, information and consulting services in relation to all the aforesaid services.

Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer hardware and software; architecture; architectural consultation; calibration [measuring]; chemical analysis and research; consultancy in the design and development of computer hardware; computer programming; duplication of computer programmes; computer rental; computer software consultancy; installation, updating and maintenance of computer software; computer system analysis and design; computer virus protection services; consultancy in the field of energy saving; conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; cosmetic research; creating and maintaining web sites for others; data conversion of computer programs and data [not physical conversion]; design of interior decor; packaging design; dress designing; graphic arts designing; digitization of documents; engineering; research in the field of environmental protection; weather forecasting; hosting computer sites [web sites]; land surveying; material testing; mechanical research; meteorological information; monitoring of computer systems by remote access; physics research; technical project studies; providing search engines for the Internet; quality control; recovery of computer data; computer rental; rental of computer software; rental of web servers; research and development for others; biological research; geological research; urban planning; vehicle roadworthiness testing; water analysis; advice, information and consulting services in relation to all the aforesaid services.

Services for providing food and drink; temporary accommodation; rental of temporary accommodation; temporary accommodation reservations; hotel reservations; boarding for animals; bar services; restaurants; self-service restaurants; snack-bars; boarding houses; rental of transportable buildings; cafes; cafeterias; holiday camp services [lodging]; providing campground facilities; canteens; catering (food and drink); rental of cooking apparatus; day-nurseries [creches]; retirement homes; tourist homes; hotels; motels; rental of chairs, tables, table linen and glassware; rental of meeting rooms; rental of tents; rental of transportable buildings; advice, information and consulting services in relation to all the aforesaid services.

Medical services; veterinary services; hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals; agriculture, horticulture and forestry services; medical assistance; medical clinics; personal injury consultation; telemedicine and e-health services; nursing; beauty salons; hairdressing salons; health centres; pharmacy advice; telemedicine services; wreath making; advice, information and consulting services in relation to all the aforesaid services.

Legal services; security services for the protection of property and individuals; medico-legal services; advising on and managing motor vehicle and personal injury claims; alternative dispute resolution services; arbitration services; licensing of computer software; security consultancy; copyright management; crematorium services; dating services; detective agencies; funerals; funeral homes; funeral services; guards; night guards; licensing of intellectual property; missing person investigations; personal background investigations; legal research; litigation services; mediation; monitoring of burglar and security alarms; opening of security locks; undertaking; advice, information and consulting services in relation to all the aforesaid services." The original document can be viewed at:

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