North Carolina furniture manufacturers deny wanting to hire illegal immigrants after governor suggested they were behind new law giving employers up to nine months to verify immigration status; legislators overrode Gov. Pat McCrory's veto of bill

RALEIGH, North Carolina , September 5, 2013 () – McCrory claims NC furniture industry pushed E-Verify loophole to hire workers in US illegally

North Carolina furniture makers are pushing back after Gov. Pat McCrory suggested they are behind a new law giving employers up to nine months to verify the immigration status of workers.

McCrory made the comments Wednesday shortly after legislators voted to override his veto of the bill, saying manufacturing companies in such towns as High Point lobbied hard in favor of the bill because they want to hire illegal immigrants instead of North Carolina workers.

High Point is known for its heavy concentration of furniture companies and a massive semi-annual home furnishings trade show. Industry executives quickly spoke out about McCrory's comment, denying furniture makers want to hire workers in the United States illegally.

McCrory's office has subsequently denied requests from media outlets seeking to interview him about the issue.

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