Closure Systems International adds new lightweight non-carbonated beverage closures to portfolio; Extra-Lok V 38mm ODU ideal for multiple filling applications, bottle materials and wall thicknesses, Asepti-Lok V 38mm LF ideal for material cost reduction

INDIANAPOLIS , August 30, 2013 (press release) – To help bottlers improve sustainability and reduce their total costs, Closure Systems International (CSI) has designed an unmatched series of industry-leading lightweight closures for its non-carbonated beverage closure portfolio.

Extra-Lok V 38mm ODU is the latest example of an optimized CSI closure design technology that delivers greater bottler efficiency. This versatile, new 38mm “universal” two-start closure design is ideal for multiple filling applications, multiple bottle materials, and multiple wall thicknesses. Extra-Lok V 38mm ODU’s advanced design is 18%+ lighter than competitive two-piece/lined closures, yet provides leak-proof secure sealing on hot-, cold-, and aseptically-filled non-carbonated/non-pressurized beverages and liquid dairy products. The unique “Triple Seal” liner geometry reliably seals a range of bottle finish wall thicknesses for both PET and HDPE bottles, despite finish distortion that can be inherent with hot-fill applications. Extra-Lok V 38mm ODU’s venting and secure tamper evidence features provide product and consumer safety. In addition, the profile helps bottlers reduce their total cost of operations by delivering energy saving, no-steam application, which improves capping efficiency and provides consistent, consumer-friendly removal torques.

Asepti-Lok V 38mm LF is another new profile in CSI’s non-carbonated beverage closure portfolio which helps bottlers reduce their total cost of operations. For material cost reduction, some companies are increasing the number of bottle thread-starts to decrease the bottle finish height and weight. This can cause there to be little to no separation between the opening angle required to begin venting and the angle at which closure-release occurs, heightening the risk of premature closure release. Premature closure release can also occur with mishandled product that can ferment if it is unrefrigerated or stored improperly after opening, creating closure blow-off risk from the build-up of internal pressures.

CSI’s new Asepti-Lok V 38mm 3S LF closure is a lightweight, three-start, one-piece/linerless cap with excellent venting properties built into the design for anti-blow-off protection, yielding a safer opening experience for consumers. This closure is ideal for aseptically-filled beverages. It is suitable for wet or dry sterilization methods for aseptic juices, nectars, sport drinks, and ready-to-drink tea packaging. Asepti-Lok V 38mm 3S LF is a lubrication-free design that provides consumer-friendly removal torques without the risk of lube being washed away during the sterilization process.

These and many other CSI closure, capping, and technical service innovations will be highlighted at Drinktec 2013, Hall B3 - Stand 331, in Munich, Germany, September 16 – 20, 2013.

About CSI

Closure Systems International, Inc. (CSI) is recognized as a global leader in closure design, manufacturing, and high speed application systems. In addition to quality closures and capping equipment, CSI provides unparalleled customer and technical services globally. Major categories served include carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, juices, isotonics, teas, adult beverages, dairy, foods, and automotive fluids.

CSI's closure systems solutions help customers maximize profits by increasing the marketability of their brands and optimizing their total cost of operations. In its 29 locations worldwide, CSI employs approximately 3,900 people. CSI is part of Reynolds Packaging Division, an operating division of the Rank Group.

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