Miami-based Amazonas Florestal prepares for timber harvesting as Brazil's dry season approaches, sets short-term goals of expanding timber agent activities, fulfilling US$2.64M order from UK's Trackwork for 4,000 m3 of sleepers, rail ties

MIAMI , July 15, 2013 (press release) – Amazonas Florestal, Ltd. (OTCPK: AZFL), a diversified forest management company generating profit through innovative, sustainable forest management, today released a letter from President & CEO Michael Ibar to its shareholders:

I am pleased to announce that the company has made substantial progress toward achieving our corporate and business goals. Most immediately, Amazonas Florestal, Ltd. (OTCPK: AZFL) has secured Eligibility by The Depository Trust Company for our shares effective July 10, 2013. Securing DTC eligibility will ensure efficient trading and clearing for our shareholders.

On the back of almost a year’s worth of preparation, management for our Timber Division is ready for a profitable 2013 Brazilian timber harvest season. While harvested timber can be converted to wood products and sold/exported year round in Brazil, timber harvesting can take place only during the dry season, which runs, typically, from the beginning of June through December 31. Due to heavy rains, this year’s harvest season in the region began a bit later than usual.

We are right on track in implementing our operational plan, which consists initially of developing our Timber Division, using it as the catalyst for future expansion and diversification through our other proposed initiatives, including biomass development for clean energy and proprietary programs to protect the biodiversity of the local ecosystem.

Within the Timber Division, our immediate objectives are twofold: to fulfill our current $2.64MM dollar purchase order from Trackwork Limited for 4000m³ of sleepers and bearers (railroad ties) and to expand our Timber Agent activities (wood products produced from acquired third party timber). Revenue from these Timber Agent activities will allow us to begin the cycle of harvesting and producing from our own timber inventories so that we can efficiently expand our product offering, our customer base, and our market reach. To achieve these objectives, we have spent the months leading up to the open of the timber season analyzing and negotiating with projected timber suppliers, saw mills, and transporters.

I am proud of what we have accomplished both recently and over the last two years to put Amazonas Florestal in the position that we find ourselves in today. It’s an exciting time for Amazonas Florestal and its shareholders: logs are already being harvested from forests across the region, and we’re fully prepared for imminent growth in operations and revenue generation. All of this activity is helping us carry out our vision of making preservation profitable, positioning Amazonas Florestal as the industry leader in sustainable forest management.

Sincerest Regards,

Michael Ibar

Chief Executive Officer

About Amazonas Florestal

Amazonas Florestal is a diversified forest management company generating profit through innovative, sustainable management of its large tracts of land in the rainforests of Amazonas, Brazil. Amazonas Florestal’s sustainable forest management strategy, with its green philosophy and method of cyclical harvesting, preserves ecosystems through habitat and water resource preservation, positioning it as an industry leader in responsible, eco-friendly timber practices.

Headquartered in Miami, FL, Amazonas’ goal is to become the leader in sustainable forest management, creating revenue while protecting the biodiversity of the rainforest ecosystem and enhancing the lives of the people who live in it. Through a strategy of selective harvesting, biomass production, and conservation incentives, Amazonas Florestal not only protects one of the world’s greatest natural resources, it also makes preservation profitable.

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