Mexico, India seen at highest risk for civil upheaval similar to what Brazil, Egypt, Spain have experienced in recent months, years, amid sharp increases in corruption, extremism in India, poverty, pollution in Mexico: GfK Mood of the World report

NEW YORK , July 1, 2013 (press release) – Study of 28 countries reflects popular concerns that have led to unrest, protests in Spain, Brazil

Judged on crucial factors like trust in elected officials and a sense of financial comfort, Mexico and India could be poised for the kind of civil upheaval that has visited Egypt, Brazil, and Spain in recent months and years. GfK’s annual Mood of the World report captures levels of concern about 21 economic, political, and social issues in 28 countries. The study reveals trends that can have profound effects on spending choices, healthcare decisions, brand preferences, and other key factors for business.

“The core trends tracked by Mood of the World have a direct influence on commerce at many levels”

Countries that show significant increases in popular concern about three or more issues over a short period of time may be headed for greater strife. The just-released Mood of the World (MOW) report identified the following potential “hot buttons”:

Wrongdoing/corruption by elected officials: +5 rank positions compared to 2009
Personal information getting into wrong hands: +7
Religious extremism/fundamentalism: +5
Money enough to live right and pay the bills: +5 rank positions since 2009
Environmental pollution: +5
Future of government-run retirement or pension plans: +5
Personal information getting into wrong hands: +5

Mood of the World is drawn from the annual Roper Reports® Worldwide consumer trends study, conducted in 28 countries and encompassing over 37,000 interviews globally each year. The new report also reflects trends that have contributed to recent upheavals in other countries, including:

Spain: Major increases in concern about corruption among elected officials (+11 rank positions since 2009), the cost of healthcare (+8), and economic inequality (+6)

Brazil: Growing worry around having enough money to “live right” (+5 since 2009) and government corruption (+6)

“The core trends tracked by Mood of the World have a direct influence on commerce at many levels,” said Kathy Sheehan, Executive Vice President of GfK’s Consumer Trends team. “Disturbances in personal comfort and political trust lead to increasingly cautious behavior – which is bad news for consumer confidence and purchasing. Understanding the top-of-mind issues in each country, and their levels of significance, provides essential guidance for those making investments – of time, personnel, and more – in these regions.”

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