Privately owned National Golden Tissue negotiating to buy former 1st Urban Fiber deinked market pulp mill in Hagerstown, Maryland, also plans expansion of its existing tissue production facilities in Hagerstown, including new retail outlet

HAGERSTOWN, Maryland , April 19, 2013 () – A Hagerstown processed-paper manufacturer is planning a major expansion. The president and CEO of National Golden Tissue says the expansion includes a new retail outlet. CEO Randy Suliga tells The Herald-Mail of Hagerstown ( that the company is also negotiating to buy the former 1st Urban Fiber plant near Municipal Stadium.

Suliga says the company hopes to create 341 new jobs by expanding its plant and hiring people for the retail outlet.

He says the wholesale retail club will sell products to both manufacturers and individuals.

National Golden Tissue manufactures facial tissues, toilet paper, napkins and paper towels for use in restaurants, hotels and offices.


Information from: The Herald-Mail of Hagerstown, Md.,

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