Alabama approves sale of beer bottles as big as 22 oz.; new law will allow for wider selection of beer as several domestic, international brands sold in larger bottles, retailer says

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama , July 30, 2012 () – A new law is expected to usher in bigger beer bottles in Alabama.

Officials say that some brews will be sold in much larger bottles beginning this week.

The new bottles will tower over the competition when bottles of beer as big as 22 ounces will be sold around the state.

Jimmy Gorji, owner of the Highland Package Store, has been clearing out cooler space for the next generation of beer hitting Alabama stores this week. He said a new cooler was purchased for his business to prepare for the influx of new beers.

Gorji says he thinks the new law will allow for a wider selection of beer as several domestic and international brands are sold in the larger bottles. 

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