Michigan DOT using electronic signature program for construction contractors, says move will save estimated US$2.2M/year and reduce paper use by 7.4 million pieces a year

LANSING, Michigan , May 10, 2012 () – The Michigan Department of Transportation says it's using digitally encrypted electronic signatures for construction contractors as part of an effort to save paper and money.

MDOT says E-sign will save an estimated $2.2 million annually and reduce paper use by 7.4 million pieces a year. It says future savings will be bigger.

E-sign now is being used for seven documentation processes in the construction contracts unit of MDOT's Construction Field Services Division. Rather than printing a document and requiring a hand signature, an electronic version of the document is signed through E-sign using software.

The process also speeds up the documentation process, since it doesn't rely on paper sent through the mail

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