Coca-Cola plans Chinese ads at New York's Madison Square Garden featuring NBA player Jeremy Lin

NEW YORK , March 21, 2012 () – Coca-Cola wants a piece of NBA sensation Jeremy Lin.

Knicks fans will soon see Coke ads in Chinese on courtside signs at Madison Square Garden.

Coca-Cola spokeswoman Susan Stribling says Coke already displays ads at The Garden, but wants to take advantage of the "Linsanity" kicked up by Lin's scoring last month.

She says the courtside ads can be seen by fans at the game and on TV, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Coca-Cola Co. also might put up Mandarin ads in The Garden's concourses.

The courtside ads could go up as early as next week, but it's unclear how long they will be around. The Knicks are fighting for a playoff spot. If they don't make it, their season ends in late April.

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