Genesee & Wyoming traffic volumes for January down 11.9% year-over-year to 72,887 carloads; pulp, paper carloads decline 3.2% to 8,347 while chemicals, plastics carloads increase 16.2% to 5,653

GREENWICH, Connecticut , February 13, 2012 (press release) – Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (GWI) (NYSE: GWR - News) today reported traffic volumes for January 2012.

GWI’s traffic in January 2012 was 72,887 carloads, a decrease of 9,848 carloads, or 11.9 percent, compared with January 2011.

The table below sets forth consolidated carloading information for January 2012 and January 2011. Additional carload information for GWI’s North American and Australian operations is included as an exhibit to this press release.

Genesee & Wyoming Inc.                                              
by Commodity Group               January               January              
                2012               2011             % Change
Coal & Coke               11,279               18,863             -40.2%
Minerals & Stone               10,039               9,964             0.8%
Farm & Food Products               9,645               9,795             -1.5%
Metals               8,946               7,336             21.9%
Pulp & Paper               8,347               8,620             -3.2%
Chemicals & Plastics               5,653               4,866             16.2%
Lumber & Forest Products               5,288               5,200             1.7%
Intermodal*               3,528               4,673             -24.5%
Petroleum Products               2,616               2,852             -8.3%
Metallic Ores**               1,731               2,244             -22.9%
Autos & Auto Parts               701               877             -20.1%
Other               5,114               7,445             -31.3%
Total carloads               72,887               82,735             -11.9%
* Represents intermodal units
** Includes carloads and intermodal units
Excluding 1,412 carloads from the Arizona Eastern Railway (AZER) acquisition, which closed September 1, 2011, and 264 carloads from the Hilton & Albany Railroad, Inc. (HAL), which commenced operations on January 1, 2012, same-railroad traffic in January 2012 decreased 11,524 carloads, or 13.9 percent, compared with January 2011. Coal & coke traffic decreased 7,584 carloads primarily due to lower shipments in GWI’s Illinois, New York/Pennsylvania and Mountain West Regions. GWI’s other commodity group traffic decreased 2,384 carloads primarily due to lower overhead coal shipments in GWI’s Ohio Region. Intermodal traffic decreased 1,145 units primarily due to lower shipments in GWI’s Australia Region resulting from the Edith River bridge outage. These decreases were partially offset by a 1,245 carload increase in metals traffic due to steel and scrap shipments in GWI’s Southern Region. All remaining traffic decreased by a net 1,656 carloads.

Historically, GWI has found that carload information may be indicative of freight revenues on its railroads, but may not be indicative of total revenues, operating expenses, operating income or net income. Car movements related to railcar switching, including activities at port terminals, are excluded from our carload information as the resulting revenues are classified as non-freight.

GWI owns and operates short line and regional freight railroads and provides railcar switching services in the United States, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, we operate the Tarcoola to Darwin rail line, which links the Port of Darwin with the Australian interstate rail network in South Australia. Operations currently include 65 railroads organized in 10 regions, with more than 7,600 miles of owned and leased track and approximately 1,400 additional miles under track access arrangements. We provide rail service at 17 ports in North America and Europe and perform contract coal loading and railcar switching for industrial customers.

Carload Reporting for Metallic Ores Traffic

Effective January 1, 2012, a portion of GWI’s metallic ores commodity group includes intermodal containers as a result of a change in rail logistics and equipment for a customer in GWI’s Australia Region. The impact of this change increased traffic by 200 carloads in January 2012.


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