University of Vermont banning sale of bottled water starting next year following student campaign that promotes recycling; school plans to convert campus fountains to bottle filling stations

BURLINGTON, Vermont , February 2, 2012 () – The University of Vermont is banning the sale of bottled water starting next year, with plans to convert campus water fountains to bottle filling stations.

The announcement, driven by a student campaign that promotes recycling, coincides with another university decision to end its 10-year beverage contract with Coca-Cola on July 1.

The Burlington Free Press reports ( Coca-Cola had paid UVM $482,000 per year for exclusive "pouring rights."

UVM plans to open up the campus to other vendors for a mix of beverages. Under a new mandate, one-third of the drinks offered in vending machines must be healthier beverages, such as flavored tea and those containing electrolytes.

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