Altria launches website where consumers can find out about tobacco-related state and federal public policy issues such as taxes, smoking bans, other regulations, provides consumers with way to take action on tobacco-related issues

RICHMOND, Virginia , January 4, 2012 () – Cigarette maker Altria Group is giving consumers a new place to find out about tobacco-related public policy issues.

The owner of the nation's largest cigarette maker, Philip Morris USA, has launched a website called Citizens for Tobacco Rights.

The website has information on both state and federal tobacco issues such as taxes, smoking bans and other regulation. It also provides consumers with a way to take action on tobacco-related issues.

Altria, based in Richmond, Va., says it believes it is important for adult tobacco consumers to make their voices heard on issues that affect them.

The company also owns Black and Mild cigar maker John Middleton, and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, which makes Skoal and Copenhagen branded products.

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