PacifiCorp rates increase 4.4% due to higher coal costs, increased demand, effective New Year's Day; Portland Electric rates decrease just under 1% due to lower construction costs

PORTLAND, Oregon , January 3, 2012 () – Portland Electric and PacifiCorp customers are seeing their power rates change as of New Year's day.

Portland Electric rates are going down slightly and PacifiCorp rates are going up.

PacifiCorp says its rate increase - which amounts to about 4.4 percent overall - is mostly due to higher coal costs. Another factor was an increase in demand. PacifiCorp originally asked for a larger increase.

The rate decrease for Portland Electric residential customers is just under 1 percent. Non-residential customers will see their rates go down about 2 percent.

The company says the reduction is due to lower construction costs and some cheaper power purchases.

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