California officials lift recall, quarantine of most raw organic milk products from Fresno County, California-based dairy Organic Pastures; products pulled on Nov. 15 following E. coli scare

FRESNO, California , December 19, 2011 () – California officials have lifted the recall and quarantine of most of raw organic milk products from a Fresno County dairy.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture announced Friday they were ending the recall of Organic Pastures raw milk after determining the dairy met sanitation requirements and complied with state food safety regulations.

Officials pulled the company's products on Nov. 15 after five California children became sick with E.coli between August and October.

Tests for E.coli at the dairy turned up negative, but interviews with the families of the children determined they all drank unpasteurized milk from the dairy.

Three of the children were hospitalized with what's called hemolytic uremic (HEE-mo-LIT-ik, yoo-REE-mik). The disorder can lead to kidney failure.

The recall on the dairy's milk, raw butter, raw cream and a raw product labeled "Qephor" have all been lifted, though a recall on raw colostrum remains while officials continue to investigate.

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