Demand for caustic soda, soda ash in India registered CAGR of 5.6% and 4.7%, respectively, over past five years, market researcher says

DUBLIN , December 9, 2011 (press release) – Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Indian Chlor-Alkali Industry" report to their offering.

The chlor-alkali industry in India forms an important component of the basic chemicals industry, comprising around 74% of production in India. Caustic soda, soda ash, chlorine alongside hydrogen and hydrochloric acid comprise the chlor-alkali industry's components. These chemicals find their applications in a number of industries such as textiles, chemicals, paper, PVC, water treatment, alumina, soaps & detergents, glass, chlorinated paraffin wax, among others. The demand for the two sub-segments - caustic soda & soda ash, has increased significantly registering a CAGR of 5.6% and 4.7% respectively, over the past five years.

CARE Research's report on Indian Chlor-Alkali Industry' throws light on key aspects that govern the industry's present market dynamics, while commenting on the future demand and supply growth in industry for the next five years, by offering an individual focus on its prime sub-segments. To accomplish this, CARE Research has developed a robust methodology that incorporates predicting the functioning of essential domestic and global factors impacting the industry and analyzing their co-relation and variation with specific internal and external aspects governing the industry and its sub-segments.

The report also provides detailed analysis on present demand and supply scenario factoring in their key drivers, with special emphasis on end-user segments, capacity expansions, production, utilization, etc. CARE Research also elaborates the cost structure, alongside key financial and operational metrics within each sub-segment. The report entails present domestic and international pricing scenario, while commenting on the current global capacity and production setting for each sub-segment. In addition, the report features a snapshot of six players across the sub-segments, with emphasis on their financial and operational characteristics for past five years, while examining their recent corporate actions and future plans.

The report is indispensable for any company in chlor-alkali and chemicals industry, banks/ FIs, policy makers, research & academic organizations, other international and national agencies, etc. Additionally, the monthly updates (for the period December-2011 to November-2012) accompanying the subscription of the said report would form a potent tool for the subscribers to keep abreast of the happenings in the industry.

Key Topics Covered:

Industry Overview
Caustic Soda
Soda Ash
Chlorine & Hydrogen
Company Overview

Companies Profiled:

Aditya Birla Chemicals Ltd.
Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd.
Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies & Allied Chemicals
Tata Chemicals Ltd.
Nirma Ltd.
Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd.

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