Tucson, Arizona, investing more than US$10M in solar projects that will generate 3.5 million kWh, funded with Clean Renewable Energy Bonds

TUCSON, Arizona , December 8, 2011 () – Tucson is investing more than $10 million in solar projects, including panels on the roof of the Tucson Convention Center's exhibit hall.

The Arizona Daily Star reports the city is funding the projects with Clean Renewable Energy Bonds.

The money is paid back with rebates from Tucson Electric Power as well as with money that otherwise would have been spent on utility bills.

City officials say the new round of projects will generate about 3.5 million kilowatt hours per year. Solar is also catching on in southern Arizona neighborhoods.

A spokesman for Tucson Electric Power says the number of residential rooftop photovoltaic systems jumped from about 1,800 through 2010 to about 2,500 this year. Some 1,500 households have installed solar hot-water systems as well.

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