Nevada Gov. Sandoval names 11-member energy task force, includes representatives from utility, renewable energy firms and labor, building trades, conservation groups; panel report due Aug. 1, 2012 defining state's regulatory role

CARSON CITY, Nevada , December 1, 2011 () – Members have been named to a Nevada Energy Task Force that was revived by Gov. Brian Sandoval to focus on transmission of clean energy sources.

Sandoval signed an executive order last week reviving the task force authorized under existing law.

State Office of Energy Director Stacey Crowley announced the 11 panel members on Thursday, as well as members of separate advisory committee that will assist them.

Task force members include representatives from utility and renewable energy firms, as well as labor, building trades and conservation groups.

The panel will complete a report by Aug. 1 on developing production and transmission of renewable energy in Nevada and the state's role in regional transmission.

It may also recommend policy or regulatory changes needed to support goals identified in the report.

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