Alaska's halibut charter catch up 1% to 338,000 lbs. this year, falls within allocation guidelines for first time in seven years, analysis shows

JUNEAU, Alaska , November 7, 2011 () – A newly released analysis shows the halibut charter catch in southeast Alaska fell within allocation guidelines for the first time in seven years.

The Halibut Coalition released the analysis, based on state and federal fisheries data. Preliminary estimates from the Alaska Fish and Game Department indicate about 388,000 pounds of fish were caught this year, about half the charter fleet's 790,000 pound allocation. Estimates show the number of fish caught was up 1 percent, though.

The department, in a recent letter to the International Pacific Halibut Commission, said the average weight for the fishery was down sharply due to a 37-inch maximum size limit imposed this year.

The size limit for charters was meant to control the continued problem of overfishing in the region.

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