Entergy Mississippi expect savings to customers of up to US$284M over 10 years if MISO takes over management of its high-voltage transmission lines

JACKSON, Mississippi , October 31, 2011 () – Officials with Entergy Mississippi say they expect savings to customers of up to $284 million over a decade if a Indiana-based power grid operation takes over management of its high-voltage transmission lines.

Entergy Mississippi officials discussed the proposal at a conference Monday in Jackson.

Entergy Corporation first announced in May that it was proposing that its six regulated power utilities in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas become part of the Midwest System Operator. MISO includes power companies that cover all or most of South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan and parts of Montana, Missouri, Kentucky and Ohio.

The target date is late 2013. The plan would have to be approved by local regulators.

Entergy Corporation has said it foresees savings of $1.4 billion system-wide.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has been pushing power companies to join such combines -- known as regional transmission organizations -- to buy and sell excess electricity and manage sprawling grids that cross state lines to cut customer costs.

"Joining MISO, one of the largest regional transmission organizations in the United States, means two things for our residential, commercial and industrial customers: continued reliability and reasonable costs. MISO brings more options, more transparency and more independence that will enhance our service to customers," Bob Grenfell, Entergy Mississippi's vice president of regulatory affairs, said in a statement.

Entergy would still own its high-voltage transmission lines that get power from the generating plants to distribution points, but MISO would take over management and planning functions in conjunction with its other members.

Entergy Mississippi provides electricity to more than 435,000 customers in 45 counties.



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