Connecticut's Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority makes US$1.5M available for renewable energy projects

ROCKY HILL, Connecticut , October 29, 2011 () – A Connecticut financing agency says $1.5 million is available for projects that generate electricity using sources including renewables, geothermal and solar and fuel cells.

The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority says the Operational Demonstration Program will lend up to $500,000 for installation, demonstration and testing of innovative clean Energy technologies. Applicants must compete for the funding by demonstrating their work.

Backers must prove their technologies are technically viable in a laboratory, or other experimental setting, and work in the field.

Applications for the current round of funding of $1.5 million are due Jan. 10.

The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority was established this year by the Connecticut legislature to develop and invest in clean Energy and Energy efficiency.

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