UPS spent nearly US$1.1M in Q2 lobbying U.S. government on issues including aviation security rules, climate change legislation

WASHINGTON , September 28, 2011 () – WASHINGTON (AP) -- United Parcel Service Inc. spent nearly $1.1 million in the second quarter lobbying the federal government on issues that included climate-change legislation and aviation security rules, according to a disclosure report.

That's down from the $1.3 million the world's largest package delivery company spent a year earlier and the $1.6 million it spend in the first quarter of this year.

Rival FedEx Corp. spent more than twice as much as UPS on lobbying in the second quarter, at $2.8 million.

UPS, based in Atlanta, also lobbied the federal government on the FAA reauthorization bill, aviation taxes, labor law, lithium battery transport regulations and FAA regulatory reform, according to a report filed with the House clerk's office.

The cargo of a United Parcel Service plane that caught fire and crashed in Dubai last year included lithium batteries. The Dubai aviation authority said the batteries should have been declared as hazardous cargo but weren't. Batteries can short-circuit and cause fires that burn hot enough to melt airplane parts.

Between April and June, UPS lobbied Congress, the Departments of Transportation and Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration, according to a report filed with the House clerk.

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