Dow Chemical appoints Carol Williams to lead Manufacturing & Engineering division, names her as exec. VP of company

MIDLAND, Michigan , August 18, 2011 (press release) – Carol Williams, president of the Chemicals and Energy Division and group senior vice president of Dow, has been named to lead Manufacturing & Engineering and appointed as an executive vice president of Dow.

“Carol has the right blend of business, manufacturing and technology knowledge and experience to be an exceptional leader for Manufacturing and Engineering. She will provide the vision to take this vital Dow function into the future and to serve the new Dow Business and Portfolio Model,” said Andrew Liveris, chairman and CEO. “She is a proven people leader with intense focus on people development and exemplifying Dow values around the world.”

Carol will focus Manufacturing and Engineering on achieving our transformational goals and delivering new levels of performance in Environment, Health , Safety and Reliability at our manufacturing sites around the Dow world, becoming best in class as safe and reliable operations, as well as delivering on our objectives for our mega projects.

Carol replaces Mike Gambrell, executive vice president, Manufacturing and Engineering Operations, who will relinquish his line responsibilities on September 1st and retire from Dow at the end of this year.

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