USDA lowers North Dakota spring wheat estimate to 5.9 million acres, from 6.35 million acres, and durum wheat figure to 800,000 acres, from 1 million acres

FARGO, North Dakota , August 17, 2011 () – The U.S. Department of Agriculture has lowered wheat acre estimates in North Dakota after a resurvey of some farmers.

The spring wheat figure for the state has been reduced from 6.35 million acres to 5.9 million, and the durum wheat number from 1 million acres to 800,000.

USDA's late-June acreage report usually is the final word on planted acres of various crops. But at the time farmers were surveyed, many of them had to guess at their acres because wet conditions were keeping them out of the fields. USDA resurveyed those farmers last month and recently published revised data.

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