StrongMail, provider of online solutions for email marketing and social media, helps Valpak improve reliability and email marketing programs, increase deliverability rate by 10 percentage points

RED WOOD CITY, California , January 25, 2011 () – StrongMail, a leading provider of online solutions for email marketing and social media, today announced that Valpak®, one of the leading direct marketing companies in North America, was able to improve the deliverability, reliability and effectiveness of its email marketing programs using StrongMail's solutions and services.

"StrongMail was the clear choice for Valpak, as it provided direct integration with our custom applications, maximum flexibility for supporting future email initiatives, and a no-CPM pricing structure that would save us a lot of money compared to a hosted solution," said Chris Cate, vice president of information technology and support services at Cox Target Media, Valpak's parent company. "With StrongMail, our deliverability rates have increased substantially, and we've improved send times by a factor of 10."

Owned and operated by Cox Target Media, Valpak is known for its signature Blue Envelope® product, which delivers savings and coupons to nearly 40 million US and Canadian households each month. Valpak also has a thriving digital advertising solution business via its online site for local savings, which generates more than 40 million offer views each month, and its newly launched daily deal product,

Email is a core component of Valpak's digital marketing strategy, as millions of consumers have registered at to receive email alerts with local offers. Valpak originally relied on a custom-built solution to deliver these critical emails, but as the volumes grew, it struggled with the ability to deliver these messages reliably and in a timely manner. In addition, it was looking to find the resources and expertise to address deliverability issues and keep up with increasingly complex ISP filtering protocols. After evaluating several top-tier email solutions, Valpak decided to standardize its existing and future email marketing programs on StrongMail.

Since switching to StrongMail, Valpak's deliverability rate has increased to 98 percent, representing an average gain of 10 percentage points. Equally importantly, what used to take multiple days to deliver millions of emails can now be done in two hours. Using StrongMail's deliverability tools and services, Valpak is able to actively manage its sender reputation and identify and address deliverability issues in real time. Valpak has also increased deliverability and overall efficiency by using StrongMail to automate unsubscribe and bounce management processing.

"Now our deliverability is almost guaranteed," said Cate. "StrongMail gives us real-time visibility into the deliverability and overall performance of our campaigns, which has been extremely valuable information for optimizing our programs. With StrongMail, we were able to plug it in, turn it on, do some minimal set up, and we haven't had to look back – that's one of the biggest advantages."

"As email has become an increasingly important component to its business, Valpak has made a strategic decision to invest in the right technology that can meet its needs today and in the future," said Tal Nathan, vice president of client services at StrongMail. "As a strategic partner for Valpak's email-driven business, StrongMail provides them with the critical technology and services for serving their clients with relevant and timely offers – which is the foundation of its brand."

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