Butterball, Hostess, Snyder's of Hanover, Delhaize America, others join effort to cut salt levels in packaged foods by 25%, New York City health officials say; 22 food makers signed on national campaign to date

NEW YORK , November 23, 2010 () – The makers of Butterball turkeys, Twinkies and Wonder Bread have agreed to use less salt in their products as part of a national campaign against high blood pressure.

New York City health officials announced Tuesday that Butterball, Hostess and four other companies had joined an effort to cut salt levels in packaged foods by 25 percent.

To date, 22 food manufacturers have signed on.

Also signing up Tuesday were pretzel and chips maker Snyder's of Hanover, the sausage maker Premio, the tomato packer Furmano's and Delhaize America, which operates 1,600 supermarkets.

Everyone needs some salt, but most Americans consume double the recommended daily amount.

By some estimates, cutting the nation's salt intake could prevent tens of thousands of deaths each year.

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